The Kraze is a print & digital K-Pop magazine aiming to help bring international fans closer to the action. Our primary goal is to provide content like exclusive idol interviews, major international K-Pop event coverage. and always up-to-date information on Korean culture & trends. We're all about the international English-speaking fans, since we hope to provide a closer and more in-depth connection to the K-Pop scene, while also giving idols a comfortable outlet for them to connect and communicate with their global fans.

What makes us unique?

Yes, The Kraze is a media outlet, but we are a different kind of news outlet. We want to give fans various positions to voice their personal, honest, but objective views for all of K-Pop. We take the time to conduct proper research and consideration of different opinions from fans just like you. We aim to create a fun and positive interaction in the K-Pop community, getting more fans to become excited and comfortable to engage in the current topics. In addition, The Kraze desires to give back to the fans by having special bonuses and goodies with each issue, and hosting special giveaways for exclusive signed items & concert tickets.

The opportunities we provide

Since the K-Pop community is mainly comprised of high school and college-aged students, The Kraze wants to provide various positions for experience in publication, design and marketing. Freelance opportunities will give candidates the flexibility to work for our magazine while still in school and/or juggling part-time jobs. Candidates working at The Kraze will grow valuable skills in the publication field, while connecting with many of the major media companies in the K-Pop industry. In addition, candidates will learn transferable skills, such as working in a virtual team environment, self-management and clear communication skills. The experience that any candidate will take from working at The Kraze will help further career goals in any chosen field.