Job Description

We are looking for all types of artists: traditional (pencil, pen, paint, etc.) and CG art (anime, chibi, live drawing, etc.). We want professional artists, who have done freelance work before and knows how to set their own schedule, meet tight deadlines, be responsive and have open lines of communication.

We will also have opportunities for any artist to feature their work in our magazine, but only when we open submissions or the artist must pay for an artist space in the magazine. 

Please send three (3) of your best art samples to Also include your full name, email address, a short description of each art sample (i.e. what inspired you, how many hours for completion, what kind of media, etc.).

Artists will be part of the design team as a volunteer opportunity. As of now, compensation will not be given.

Due to the amount of applications we receive, we will only contact you if you fit our needed qualifications.