Event Coordinator


Job Description

Event Coordinators spread the word about the magazine and grow its presence in the K-Pop community. Applicants should be passionate about the Hallyu Wave and have the opportunity to attend many Korean-related events. Candidates should have great communication skills, be able to make and maintain connections with new and existing businesses, and are incredibly passionate about spreading the message of The Kraze. In addition, candidates attend K-Pop events to help promote the magazine. Candidates in major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, etc. are preferred. 

Promoters will be part of the marketing team as a volunteer opportunity. As of now, compensation will not be given.

Major Responsibilities

  1. Promote our magazine on all social media platforms daily

  2. Promote our magazine during events by passing out goods and spreading the word on what we do

  3. Collaborate with the marketing team to devise the new strategies and tactics to further promote the magazine and gain new business contacts

  4. Report to the Outreach Director with any concerns on assignment and availability

  5. Meet a quota on expanding notoriety of the magazine



  1. Ability to work well both individually and in a virtual team environment

  2. Ability to attend Korean or Asian culture related events and provide exposure for The Kraze

  3. Reliable and responsive during all needed communications through emails and online chat

If interested in applying, please email resume to rwilson@thekrazemagazine.com. Due to volume of applications, only those selected for the next portion of the interview process will be contacted.