If you have an interesting idea and would like to write about it, The Kraze would love to hear from you! We currently accept pitches for guest posts related to any area of Korean entertainment or culture.

Please email a brief introduction and a summary of your pitch to clazore@thekrazemagazine.com for consideration. All accepted submissions are subject to the terms below.


  • Submitting your pitch does not guarantee acceptance or publication with The Kraze.

  • All guest posts are subject to editorial review by The Kraze’s Editors and Editor-in-Chief. Any and all editorial changes will be returned to the writer for approval before publication. The Kraze will not alter your opinion or content in any way other than the necessary editorial changes. We reserve the right to deny publication of any guest post that is inflammatory or inappropriate.

  • Guest posts are not compensated.

  • We welcome multiple pitches, but please wait for a decision on your first pitch before submitting more!

  • Acceptance of guest posts does not indicate any guarantee of future volunteerism or employment with our organization. (If you’re interested in working with us long term, please consider applying as a writer!)

  • We do not accept previously published pieces (including pieces published on personal blogs).

  • If accepted for publication, The Kraze will include your author byline (~70 words), as well as any social media, portfolio, or website links that you would like listed on the article page.

  • Accepted pieces will be promoted on The Kraze’s official social media platforms.

What The Kraze looks for:

The best way to get a sense of what we look for in articles is to read our content. Below are a couple of links to some articles of ours that should give you a good idea of our writing style. We strive for a more professional style that is clean, concise, and a cut above the normal style of K-Pop writing. Criticisms and opinions are allowed, but they must be kept civil and non-inflammatory; we use a neutral tone overall. We do not use much slang or personal pronouns, and more casual blog-style writing and memes are not in line with our publication. Our editorial team will address any issues with your article prior to publishing it—we will offer suggestions and changes where necessary, and we will not publish the piece without your consent on the changes.