Drift Away with Colde’s Wave

Korean hip-hop star and producer Colde released his first solo mini-album on September 13 titled Wave. For fans of the artist or of his indie hip-hop duo offonoff with 0Channel, the project delivers more of Colde’s signature hazy rap while also allowing the singer to branch out into other styles.

School Food in South Korea

Across the world in South Korea, I, the fully grown adult, was pleasantly surprised at the lunches offered at the elementary school I work at. Instead of the foam or plastic trays that I received as a child, students are given metal silverware and metal trays with five compartments. As a teacher, I also received a small metal bowl.  

Inside the Minds of BTS: MBTI Analysis Part One

MBTI stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and dates back to Swiss analytical psychologist Carl Jung. He focused on human behavior and human preferences that shape their personalities. Later on, two women by the names of Katherine Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs-Myers took Jung’s research and eventually created the MBTI to encourage people to gain a better understanding of themselves and one another.

Deuces Up in Jay Park’s “V”

Mondays can be grim, but with the release of Jay Park’s two track album V, the whole week suddenly became a party. Recently performing at the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, Jay continues to gain new fans, especially after signing with Roc Nation gave him access to a larger audience.

PENTAGON’s New Album Got Your Thumbs Up!

With the group’s temporary reorganization leaving inevitable feelings of emptiness, PENTAGON returned after five months with a playful concept. Succeeding “Shine (빛나리),” one of 2018’s most viral songs, “Naughty Boy” challenges the former to its title as PENTAGON’s catchiest track.

Getting Qute with Q2Han!

Based out of South Korea, twin sisters Qjin and Qwon and their YouTube channel, Q2Han, have been on the rise as creators who have a passion for fashion and beauty. With over 366,000 subscribers on their channel, you can catch Qjin and Qwon on their adventures in South Korea, traveling across the globe, as well as fashion-centered and & K-Beauty videos. The Kraze had the wonderful opportunity to meet with Qjin and Qwon during KCON LA 2018 (which was also their first time attending KCON LA) and sit down to talk about their career in fashion, as YouTubers, and getting to know them!

Throwback Thursday: Acoustic Setlist

We are definitely in that transition where the temperature is cooling down and it’s starting to become autumn. It’s one step closer to sweater weather and we can all agree we are looking forward to layering our clothing, busting out the hot chocolate and snuggling up in warm sheets. When it comes to doing these particular activities, having a good playlist full of acoustic songs is the best match for this type of weather and season. For this week we are highlighting some of the best acoustic songs to come out of K-Pop!

Quick Take: Cube Entertainment HyunA & E’Dawn Controversy

Late last night (U.S. time), news broke that Cube Entertainment had removed solo artist HyunA and her boyfriend PENTAGON’s E’Dawn from the agency. The news shocked many fans, as it seemed that the main controversy of their relationship announcement had blown over and was getting ready to fall off of the headlines. No one saw this move coming, and as social media absolutely blew up, more news came out that the two had not been informed by the agency and found out instead from the headlines, as well as a statement of Cube backtracking from the previous release just a few hours after the story broke. Our staff took some time to discuss the issue.