September Favorites

September Favorites


This month has proven to be difficult for me to choose favorites with Show Me the Money 6 songs being released at the beginning of the month, followed by “Power” from EXO, then G.Soul’s CIRCLES, and only for BTS to later come back and destroy my playlist. Needless to say, my decisions have been changing every day.

Favorite Song

G.Soul - “Can’t”

I’m putting my choice on the underdog: G.Soul. His song “Can’t” was exactly what I needed when it was released. Smooth, groovy, dark—it had the components of a high-quality R&B track, and I’m a sucker for a good R&B song. Check out the song if you haven’t yet; it’s the perfect song to listen to on an evening alone, or while studying. If you like it as much as I do, then his album CIRCLES may be the next one to add to your playlist.

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Favorite Album



Surprise surprise, BTS has won favorite album this month. Not a shocker, I’m sure, since this album has been breaking K-Pop records non-stop all month. One main reason why I didn’t choose BTS for favorite song was because, I can’t. Every song is good, even the B-sides and hidden track. While many were upset about the change in sound in many of the songs, I personally admire their risk and experimentation with EDM and electro-pop. Because, let’s be real, they sound damn good doing it. If you still can’t get past the change in style, the group includes tracks with their old-school style, as seen in “MIC Drop” and “Outro: Her.” And don’t even get me started on “고민보다 Go.”

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Favorite Music Video

IU - “어젯밤 이야기 Last Night Story”

Yeah, yeah, I get it. “DNA” is absolutely amazing with all that color and choreo—it hasn’t beaten just about all K-Pop boy group records for nothing. EXO’s “Power” is equally as captivating and creative. But hear me out: IU is one of my favorite female artists, if not my favorite. Despite her new album Flower Bookmark 2 being a remake album, it’s absolutely beautiful. My favorite part though? The music video for “Last Night Story.” This is such a unique, clever, cute video that I could put on repeat. The sarcasm, the irony, and the unenthusiastic disco dancing never get old. Simply genius.

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Music Show Performance

BTS - “MIC Drop” and “고민보다 Go” on MCOUNTDOWN

I can’t choose one, okay! I love the fierceness of “MIC Drop,” but “고민보다 Go” is my absolute jam. In “MIC Drop,” we get powerful dance moves and offensive levels of swag. Suga will become your bias wrecker if he isn’t already, and this choreo was absolutely made for J-Hope. Plus, Jimin returns with his jacket-slipping-off-the-shoulder concept. And, of course, that mic drop at the end. In “고민보다 Go,” we get a dance full of memes and goofy faces, and Jungkook’s absolutely living for it. Jin’s charming effect on the screaming crowd, Rap Monster’s aegyo, J-Hope’s smile, and V’s outfit that manages to redeem minions for me make this forever a favorite performance.


Show Me the Money Season 6

The start of senior year in university has caused me to not watch many dramas this month. However, I was able to catch all of SMTM6 before my workload heavied. This was my first time watching the rap survival show fully while it was still airing, and I’m glad I did. I think the producer teams did an excellent job creating tracks this season, and the competition was incredible. I’ll be keeping my eyes out for rappers like Woo Wonjae, Jo Woochan, Junoflo, and of course the winner, Hangzoo.

Foreseeable Favorite?

The one drama I have started is SBS’s While You Were Sleeping, with Bae Suzy and Lee Jongsuk. While I am only two episodes in and therefore cannot judge it fully and make it a favorite, I can say this: I'm very intrigued so far.



MISSHA - Palette Paint Liner


I haven’t changed much in terms of skincare or makeup this month, but I did finally receive something I ordered online a long time ago. MISSHA’s Palette Paint Liner has become my current favorite eyeliner (you may have seen it on PONY or Edward Avila’s YouTube channel). Having slightly hooded eyelids, I usually end up skipping on lining my upper eyelids. However, I do like to tightline the lash line, which gives the appearance of fuller lashes. The liners I had been using were terrible and would transfer to my bottom lid, or even get into my eye. This liner not only stays in place, but it comes with a brush to use. Bonus.

The True Kings of Flawless Image: Born To Beat

The True Kings of Flawless Image: Born To Beat

Dreamy Time Travel with IU

Dreamy Time Travel with IU