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Throwback Thursday: Old School Boy Group Classics

Nowadays, boy groups come and go and overflow the Korean pop music scene. But what about those groups who were there first—these icons who have paved the way for the future generations to come? This week, The Kraze takes you back in time to rediscover some of the most iconic boy group hits of the early big names of the Hallyu wave.

“Couple” - SECHSKIES

Is it Christmas yet? Maybe not, but the intro to “Couple” by legendary group SECHSKIES might as well be your next holiday tune. Enchanting from the first hook and throughout the entire track, “Couple” is the perfect retro love song to serenade your crush with as the weather grows colder. The single, released in 1998 as the lead title track to their Special Album, was an immense commercial success, earning SECHSKIES their first Daesang and most of their awards of their career. A reboot version of the song also served as the lead title track to their remix album 2016 Re-ALBUM, released in December of last year.

“Candy” - H.O.T

Nothing screams “iconic” like the name H.O.T. does. The SM Entertainment group topped the charts and influenced an entire generation of teenagers back in the 1990s despite their short career, and they definitely led the way to the panoply of boy groups in Korea today. One of their most noteworthy songs has to be “Candy,” the second single off their first album released back in September 1996. If the tune sounds familiar, it’s probably because your favorite group (or many of them) have already done their own rendition of it some time or another. Adorable and catchy, “Candy” will remain a timeless hit in Korea’s modern pop music history.

“Perfect Man” - SHINHWA

Fast forward a couple years later, and SM’s junior group SHINHWA is on a steady rise to fame, even more so with the massive success of “Perfect Man.” Released in March of 2002, it is arguably one of those songs that took Korea by storm and yet has been forgotten by later generations. BTS’s rendition of the song, back in 2016, has unveiled the song once more to a younger audience. “Perfect Man” distinguishes itself from SHINHWA’s then earlier work with a catchy beat, a more confident sound, and also marked Andy’s return to the group after an extended absence back in 2001.