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GOT7 Comes Back as 7

It’s been a bit of a strange year for ahgases. We’ve had the comeback of JJ Project, as well as Jackson’s—interesting to say the least—release of “Papillon.” But throughout all of this, GOT7’s activities as a whole group have been a bit sparse. Luckily, October has come, seven months after their last comeback as a whole, and they have released an album that commemorates their group.

7 for 7

The album 7 for 7 begins with the two most popular songs amongst listeners so far (minus the title track). From the get go, fans are transported through the almost nostalgic sound in “Moon U.” Personally, the song reminds me a bit of their MAD album and verges away from the sounds seen in their Flight Log series. It’s a groovy and smooth urban hip-hop inspired song. Like many K-Pop songs this year, it’s a bit similar to Bruno Mars’s “That’s What I Like” (I knew from the first listen that Bruno’s song sounded like it should be a K-Pop song). The song has quickly become a favorite amongst ahgases. Check out this fan fave that Youngjae and BamBam took part in making:

Following this is “Teenager,” which surprised me with its sensual background noises in the beginning (are those moans?). It breaks out into a very catchy, trap-like chorus. In fact, the chorus breakdown kind of reminds me of DEAN’s songs, such as “I’m Not Sorry” and “I Love It.” It’s a slightly different sound for GOT7; I personally really enjoy it—despite the lyrics of “If you tell me ‘good boy’” that I just cannot take seriously. Each and every member stands out, the style fitting all of them very nicely. “Teenager” may actually be my favorite off of 7 of 7. Take a listen to “Teenager,” composed and written by JB, below:

Jinyoung took part in writing and composing “Firework,” a calming pop song full of soft vocals and gorgeous falsettos from Yugyeom. Not to mention Mark and Jackson both show off their improvements in the vocal department. “Remember You,” a song that BamBam took part in creating, flows very nicely after “Firework.” The slowest song on the album, “Remember You” is probably the sweetest sounding track as well. The falsettos, again, continue to impress the listeners. It’s reminiscent of a ballad, with a piano melody in the background and overlapping synth beats.

“내게 To Me” was composed by Yugyeom, who did a pretty good job. It’s a bit faster paced than the past few songs, but still keeps the chill vibe that the album as a whole holds. It takes elements of urban hip-hop and mixes them with their signature pop style. 7 for 7 closes off with “Face,” a song that the rap line took part in writing. Usually when Jackson gets his hands on a track, we get high energy songs like “Boom X3” and the iconic “Out.” However, “Face” is a pleasant surprise. It’s a melancholic song about missing someone and has a gorgeous chorus.

You Are

“You Are” is not like the previous fire bops we had been getting with each Flight Log release, like “Hard Carry.” Instead, and I’m thankful, we’re given a sweet pop song with a calmer melody. Personally, as much as I love a good bop, I’m glad they’ve changed things up. The lyrics are sweet and inspiring, speaking of a love or friendship that makes each day meaningful by bringing clear skies. Leader JB took part in composing this title track.

Gone are the days of trying to decipher their Flight Log videos, and thank goodness. I need a break from all of these K-Pop comeback theories. The video first shows each member individually, then coming together towards the end. They each hold a part of the seven-piece necklace, eventually putting them all together. I suppose this video is meant to show that, despite the members doing their own things lately, they will always come back together as seven. The dance is slower-paced than what we may be used to now, but it’s a nice breather. Also, can I just say, all seven of them are killing it in this video—bias who?