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TS Entertainment’s Newest Group: TRCNG

TS Entertainment has finally debuted a new group after quite an extensive period of time. The 10-membered group is called TRCNG, which stands for Teen Rising Champion in a New Generation. And teens they are, indeed. It’s possible these kids have accomplished more in their 16-17 years of life than I have in over 20, but I digress.

Debuting with “Spectrum”

Living the noona life becomes progressively more difficult as years pass by, and I find myself avoiding younger groups just on the basis that I cannot handle how old they make me feel. Despite that, I found myself checking out TRCNG’s debut track “Spectrum,” and was promptly hooked. “Spectrum” has just the right intensity: a fast paced beat, interesting choreography, hard-hitting raps, and surprisingly good vocals. Nowadays in an overly saturated market, it can be quite difficult for a debuting group to stand out from the crowd, but I think that TRCNG managed this feat.

I found the concept to be particularly alluring as well, and it definitely complemented the intensity of the song. Both the aesthetics and performance are just as powerful, and surprising for a group that has just debuted. Though it is quite difficult to reconcile the fact that every member of this group was literally born in a different century than I was, it’s nice to see TS Entertainment introducing another talent-laden group after so long.

Meet the Members


Position: Vocalist

Birthdate: January 9, 2000


Position: Leader, Vocalist

Birthdate: September 17, 2000


Position: Sub-Vocalist, Dancer

Birthdate: September 20, 2000


Position: Lead Vocalist

Birthdate: August 22, 2000


Position: High-Rapper

Birthdate: December 21, 2000


Position: Sub-Vocalist, Dancer

Birthdate: September 27, 2000


Position: Low-Rapper

Birthdate: May 11, 2001


Position: Low-Rapper

Birthdate: January 21, 2001


Position: Main Vocalist, Maknae

Birthdate: November 13, 2001


Position: Main Rapper

Birthdate: October 14, 2001