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Throwback Thursday: Best of Epik High

Welcome back to another installment of Throwback Thursday! October 23 marks the long-awaited return of iconic group Epik High, and for this week’s Throwback Thursday we are taking a look back at some of their greatest songs and music videos in preparation for their upcoming album!

“Love Love Love”

Released in 2007, “Love Love Love” is one of Epik High’s lighter-themed songs. While Epik High is known for their serious themes and hip-hop vibes, “Love Love Love” is a refreshing upbeat song that will have anyone singing along. The music video is a testament to the trending fashion of its time. To newer fans, you will surely be surprised to see the members donning longer hairstyles which is very different from their now dapper and clean-cut looks. “Love Love Love” comes off of Epik High’s fourth album, Remapping The Soul, which is one of the group’s most highly rated albums. I definitely recommend giving not only the song a listen but the full album from where it originates!

“Born Hater”

Need a track that features some of the hottest names in Korean Hip-Hop? In need of a track that is a straight-up banger? From Epik High’s eighth and last released album, Shoebox, the group unleashes “Born Hater” which features Beenzino, Verbal Jint, WINNER’s Mino, and iKON’s Bobby and B.I. “Born Hater” oozes swag and confidence from both the Epik High members and all the featured guests on the track. Fans and new listeners to Epik High will surely be bobbing their heads and grooving along to this song. Also, this is a great track that tells all the haters to buzz off. We can all agree that we all have a song that makes us feel super bad*ss. Listen to “Born Hater” if you’re looking for a song that contains a catchy and addictive beat paired with the smooth rap from all the artists on the track!

Tip: The music video and song are not for minors!

“Don’t Hate Me”

Released five years ago this week comes another catchy track from Epik High with “Don’t Hate Me.” Halloween is just right around the corner, and this particular music video is well-suited for the spooky holiday. With many little children dressed up in different costumes and wreaking havoc throughout the set, “Don’t Hate Me” is a rock-influenced track that will have you up and head-banging along to the song. During the Mnet Asian Music Awards in 2012, the group was a featured performer and also took to the stage in costume as the villains from the Batman Dark Knight series. Epik High successfully meshes their rock influence with their hip-hop/rap style through “Don’t Hate Me” and still manages to get listeners up and dancing along to its catchy chorus.

Epik High has been one of the longest standing groups on the Korean music scene, and they have released so many great songs throughout their career. It is highly recommended to give the legendary group a listen. They are set to release their ninth studio album on the 23rd, and there is much anticipation and excitement as Epik High just recently announced the star-studded line up of guest features on the album! What is your favorite Epik High song that they have released thus far? Share with us your favorite! That’s it for this week’s Throwback Thursday! Look forward to a fresh list of great songs, artists, and music videos next week!