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The True Kings of Flawless Image: Born To Beat

How does one even begin to describe BTOB? I think the bit off of the New Yang Nam Show that involves the performance of “I’ll Be Your Man” where three random members have their mics distorted is the perfect metaphor.

BTOB is Cube Entertainment’s longest currently active boy group, having debuted back in 2012. The group is known for their vocals and tends to release ballad-driven tracks instead of your traditional pop and hip-hop mashups that are often found in K-Pop. Aside from their standout musical talent, BTOB has often gotten more recognition for their colorful character that is quite unmatched.

Unmatched in the Art of Being Extra

Nowadays, the unique personalities of individual idols in groups is a big deciding factor for fans determining whether or not to stan. One of the factors of success for groups like BTS and GOT7 is the members’ abilities to showcase their colorfulness as opposed to maintaining a flawless facade of perfection. What truly makes BTOB the kings of this notion is the fact that they seem to have no qualms about shouting to the world how strange each and every one of them is.

This distinctive character is not only limited to variety appearances, though. One of my favorite moments of BTOB’s antics occurred at the 2016 ISAC competition, where leader Eunkwang appeared out of the dressing room in a horse costume to compete in the archery portion of the games. If that’s not enough, multiple idols such as BTS’s Jimin and VIXX’s N attempted to ride him. Yes, you read that correctly.

Members Eunkwang and Changsub are known particularly for their antics. Changsub likes to tease fans at the airport, even once sticking his head out of the top of the car to shave. The two even appeared together with Apink’s Namjoo on Golden Tambourine as backup dancers with a hilarious twist.

Even beautiful maknae Sungjae wants to match the visual prowess of his hyungs.

I could go on forever with the video clips, as the group has been around producing the highest quality content of extra for years now. If you haven’t checked out BTOB for their music, you should definitely support them for the hilarious flavor the boys bring to the K-Entertainment world. K-Pop surely wouldn’t be the same without them.

Side note, have you ever seen photos of the group on the red carpet? Pure and unmatched art.