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Basic Fan Mannerisms

While it can be easy for fans to become engulfed in “the feels,” they must never forget the basics of manners—treating their idols just as they would any other person in real life. Regardless of if it’s through virtual interactions versus those lucky enough to meet face-to-face, fans must express their thanks and respect for their favorite artists in a way that will lend itself to a positive experience for both parties.

Social Media

Regardless of if it’s for better or worse, the integration of social media has brought fans closer than ever to their favorite idols. Although it may feel as if a computer or phone screen acts as a barrier that separates someone from a celebrity, dissociating a commenter from their words, it is the complete opposite for the receiving end. We’ve all heard about online bullying—on the news or in classrooms—but when it comes to receiving criticisms in the hundreds, if not thousands, they begin to hit home, with the casual haters not realizing the impact of their words.

Addressing Hate Comments

Each celebrity has their own way of dealing with the hate, whether it’s ignoring them, having their company file charges, or bringing them to light. The latter takes a tremendous amount of courage and the right mindset. While idols may voice their concerns on multiple platforms, one particular idol set her spotlight on YouTube. Amber Liu from the girl group f(x) lays it all out in a recent video from her YouTube channel, What The Pineapple!, comedically replying to hate comments but also seriously discussing recent sensitive topics, including body image in the K-Pop industry. While thankful for all of the support, she sets it straight that comments like “Where’s your chest?” are not only unnecessary, but also completely insulting and intrusive. Luckily, a majority of K-Pop fans have been extremely supportive thus far—not only with Amber’s situation, but also with other idols, even to the point of creating projects to show their love and appreciation in times of their K-Pop idol’s hardship. Unfortunately, trolls will be trolls, and while it may only take a few seconds to post a hurtful comment, fans must be mindful of the implications.

In Real Life

When it comes to being able to meet idols in a public space, a primary example is the airport. The K-Pop industry is well known for all things at the airport, including the trendy “Airport Fashion” as well as the artists greeting their fans in a new country or when they return to Korea. This provides some fans with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see their idols in person. It is also an opportunity for fansites to capture magnificent photos. One of the major problems, especially with more popular artists, is overcrowding, which can lead to dangerous situations for both the artists and their fans. This has happened a countless number of times with artists such as Taeyeon and WANNA ONE, who sometimes resort to using back doors to exit the airport, disappointing fans but keeping everyone safe.

The Most Polite Fandom

While some (more immature) fans don’t know how to control their feelings and express their love properly, one fandom has repeatedly solidified their reputation as one of the friendliest fandoms. The bond between VIXX and their fans, Starlights, is a special one indeed. VIXX trusts their fans so much, they willingly put themselves in situations that other artists would rather avoid. Some perfect examples are highlighted in this fan’s Twitter thread. Not just thankful for their fans allowing them their personal space in events such as airport landings or music show arrivals, VIXX goes a step further to create more events in which they are able to interact with one another. While there are countless examples of this, a great one was when VIXX’s leader N flew back to Korea from promotions in Japan just to celebrate his birthday with more than 1000 fans in a busking session. A group and fandom truly trusting of one another, they show that it is not impossible to achieve this level of harmony and love.

Ultimately, even though they may seem perfect in every way (I’m looking at you, Amber), these celebrities are as human as we are and we must respect them as such. There is so much that can be discussed about fans, including their manners towards other fans, although that topic is for another time.

If there are any burning questions you want to see covered in depth or simply want to share your thoughts on this subject, feel free to comment below and open up a discussion!