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October Community Highlight: Immy from Daebak K-Pop Radio!

Each month, we at The Kraze highlight those in the K-Pop/Hallyu Community who are spreading the word and love for K-Pop! This month we are putting the spotlight on Imnet— better known as Immy—a radio DJ/Host/Personality with her own K-Pop radio show! This Massachusetts-based radio DJ goes live in her hometown of Worcester every Friday and Sunday with her show titled Daebak Kpop! with IMMY. While her radio show is based out of her hometown, K-Pop fans can still tune into her radio show online. Immy has been the host of her radio show since May of 2016 and since airing, Daebak Kpop! with IMMY has reached listeners in over 25 countries!

Prior to her broadcasts, fans and listeners get a peek into the different themes and topics that will be covered for the month through her social media. At the beginning of each month, Immy releases a schedule of the upcoming broadcasts for her radio show. Followers also have the opportunity to send in their requests for their current favorite K-Pop songs that will be played in the upcoming month’s listener’s request episode. There is also an opportunity where other content creators can make a guest appearance on her show as well.

Missed the opportunity to tune in to one of her radio broadcasts? Not to fear, listeners and fans can keep up with Immy through her social media. She also does livestreams on her YouTube channel. Through her livestreams, viewers can get the chance to interact with Immy in real time and ask her questions regarding herself or anything K-Pop related. Immy’s YouTube livestreams serve as an opportunity for fans to get more personal with the radio DJ. Her viewers also get the chance to see Immy react to certain music videos that she has not seen yet, which many are always excited to see.

Below are some comments from Immy herself regarding her radio show and what she hopes listeners can take away from sharing K-Pop!

Q: What are some of your goals and aspirations as a radio show host and personality?

Immy: My goal as a radio DJ is to make international fans of K-Pop have something they can feel is theirs, but still be a part of the Hallyu Wave movement. Whether that means continuing as one of the only females in the U.S. with a LIVE in-studio K-Pop radio show, or also taking the show to other avenues, such as podcasting or Youtube. The bigger the name "Daebak Kpop! with IMMY" itself gets, I always want my listeners to know that WE all matter as contributors to this genre of music. I am personally working on furthering my education in broadcasting and Korean language because there are also some goals I want to achieve as a radio DJ. I want to cross over into other lanes of work eventually but stay true to where I started. You don't see radio DJ's hosting events, promoting products, or on panels—not big ones anyway, and I know of some that do but they're known first as a YouTube personality or another title. When I start appearing for certain events, I want people to KNOW that no matter what other projects or work I do, this title comes first. “Immy the radio DJ” sounds like it just fits and something I know my listeners are proud of—that I got here due to their support and requests on air and them showing love on social media.

Q: What do you hope listeners (new and old) can take away from sharing K-Pop?

Immy: I hope listeners can take away the passion and emotion the K-Pop music industry has and channel the music into their own personal passions. The struggles and triumphs are endless in K-Pop—from the idols to the managers, producers, and choreographers. EVERYONE (as is all around the world)!  But, I think if you use the three minutes of a song and turn those feelings you feel into your own goals, there's no stopping you! People may think “it's not that deep it’s just music,” and maybe it's my personal music mania showing (sorry y'all), but it is that deep. Music is with you your whole life, even before birth for some, so why not channel those exact feelings you share in a song or with an artist regardless of language into something that can benefit you? That is what I want listeners to take away. I like to think we all have the same passions, just a different stage.

There are many in the K-Pop community that are working hard to spread their love for K-Pop, and Immy is one of them. Here at The Kraze, we hope to keep encouraging our peers in the K-Pop community by sharing these talented individuals who are striving to see K-Pop at the top! Together, we are able to show that K-Pop is just not some trend, but an appreciated genre with a vast following and culture.

A special thank you to Immy for giving us the opportunity to cover her for October’s Community Highlight! Tune in to Immy’s radio show every Friday (11PM-12AM EST) and Sunday (4PM-6PM EST), and follow her on all of her social media to stay up to date!

Radio Show: WCUW
Twitter: @immyimchi
Instagram: @immyimchi
Snapchat: @immmay
Facebook: Daebak K-pop with Immy
YouTube: immyimchi