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B-Sides Special: Halloween Edition

Taking a break from our usual postings, this week's B-sides features some of K-Pop’s best Halloween inspired tracks and music videos. After all, everyone’s favorite holiday is just around the corner, so what better way to celebrate than with some spooky themed K-Pop?

“Voodoo Doll” - VIXX


No doubt one of the most creepy and gruesome music videos out there, “Voodoo Doll” is one of my favorites come spooky Halloween time. I adore the dark concept and the flawless choreography; it’s so quintessentially VIXX. There’s no doubt that VIXX pushes the limits of what’s acceptable—not just with the song, but also with the music video, even having to release a “clean” version that doesn’t contain nearly as much gore. In an industry that seems to take extra special care to remain clean in all things, it’s nice to see VIXX come out with such an intense and gorgeously dark piece.

“Thriller” - BTOB

It’s not a stretch to say we’d never seen a concept like this from usually ballad-focused vocal group BTOB until “Thriller,” which makes it even more of a treat. Who could predict we’d ever see rapper Ilhoon going insane in a room full of skulls with heavy chains around his wrists? And Changsub has tattoos covering his body? I’m so into it. Keeping it nice and spooky, the main area of the video is shot in a graveyard with the boys in all black. Does anything else scream Halloween like “Thriller?” The track even shares the same name as Michael Jackson’s popular Halloween title that is now considered a holiday classic. Shoutout to the boys of BTOB for mixing it up and creating such a great track, the opposite of their usual M.O.!

“Witch” - Boyfriend

GUYS. IT’S VAMPIRES. HOT VAMPIRES. Have you set your eyes on the group's hot twin vampires Youngmin and Kwangmin? (I love the twins so much, it’s bad). BOYFRIEND has always been particularly underrated, and many K-Pop fans don’t know that they are well known for their darker concepts, much like VIXX. “Witch” tells the story of a group of vampires basically being screwed over by a badass lady. From what I gather, she killed off one of their clan members, known by the mark of BF on their wrists. Spooky supernatural happenings and hot vampires? I was so here for this before I even finished the sentence.

“Married to the Music” - SHINee

Lightening up the dark atmosphere, we have SM Entertainment’s classic boy group SHINee in a Halloween party gone wrong. What is it that’s gone wrong? Well, Key manages to lose his head, Taemin loses his eyes, Onew loses his nose, Jonghyun loses his mouth after inexplicably making out with a random woman, and Minho GETS SET ON FIRE. While all of these elements could be considered dark and creepy, SHINee instead takes a satirical angle that fits well with the upbeat song. Still, I cannot help but think of “Married to the Music” every Halloween season, even with it’s quirky and less serious nature.


It would be a crime not to include arguably the most iconic anthem of 2016. “TT” was released last year just before Halloween, which it is obviously themed after, with the TWICE girls appearing in different costumes and the story of the music video revolving around two children trick-or-treating. Though the song itself is far from spooky, the concept is what really sticks with this release and makes it pop up during the Halloween season. I mean, they are dancing inside of a giant TT pumpkin at one point. Plus, the costume visuals are absolutely stunning and rather inspiring if you’re still lacking costume ideas by this point.