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Throwback Thursday: Best of Super Junior

Throwback Thursday is back again with another list of songs! The long-awaited comeback from Super Junior is fast approaching (November 6), and we are going to look back at some of the best from the veteran idol group. 2017 saw the return of five Super Junior members (Sungmin, Shindong, Siwon, Eunhyuk, and Donghae) as they successfully completed their mandatory military service in South Korea. While many fans are missing Kyuhyun and Ryeowook as they are the last members to complete their military service, many E.L.Fs can’t wait to see the group together once again. Unfortunately, members Kangin and Sungmin will not be joining the group for their upcoming album due to personal matters, and we hope that they will join the group very quickly! As Super Junior has been a group that has been active for the past 12 years, they have quite the decorated discography and have earned numerous awards in their name. It comes as no surprise that Super Junior is hailed as one of the top boy groups in South Korea.


Starting off this week’s Throwback Thursday, we are taking it back to Super Junior’s most recent release, “Magic.” This song was released in 2015 alongside their 10th Anniversary album. One of the aspects that fans enjoy about Super Junior is their versatility in music all while being the perfect example of what a K-Pop boy band is. From the catchiness of their songs down to the smallest detail of choreography, Super Junior shines as one of the top groups in K-Pop and “Magic” is a perfect example of it. As this track is one of their many light-hearted and brighter songs and music videos, you can’t help but dance along to the song and try to learn the choreography as well. Not to mention, the Super Junior members are up to their usual playfulness and hijinx throughout the music video, which showcases their long-time brotherhood and chemistry with each other. If you need a song that will give you a little spring in your step or that perfect song that you can dance to (especially when you are cleaning the house), “Magic” is one of the best songs for you! Check out their music video below!

“Sorry, Sorry”

If you want to talk about a classic and very iconic song (and music video) in K-Pop, it would have to be “Sorry, Sorry.” Upon its release in 2009, this song swept not only the nation but worldwide as it became known for its catchy and addictive beat and lyrics. Once this song gets into your head, you’ll be singing it for the rest of the day and even doing the iconic dance that goes with it. “Sorry, Sorry” is considerably one of Super Junior’s top songs that they have ever released. The power of “Sorry, Sorry” can still be seen today as many junior groups to Super Junior continue to perform their version of the song. Some iconic covers from other groups are BTS, SEVENTEEN, EXO, Girls’ Generation to even most recently Produce 101 Season 2’s “Justice League” team to name a few. “Sorry, Sorry" is a song that transcends the times: the track is not only a career-defining one for the group, but has also grown to be one of the most iconic songs to come from K-Pop. This particular music video and song is also the last time we see Super Junior with their original 13-member line up, as former members Hankyung and Kim Kibum have since left the group due to personal and contract issues. While Super Junior is no longer their original 13-membered group, many fans continue to support them and hope to see the day where all the current and former members can unite together once more in the future.


Taking it all the way back to 2006, the last song on this week’s Throwback Thursday is “U,” which is definitely a blast from the past as this song was released 11 years ago. Coming from the era of long and spiky hair alongside baggy clothing, Super Junior certainly has come a long way from 2006 in terms of style. Style and fashion aside, “U” is one of the first songs that put Super Junior on the map in the Korean music industry. It was also the song in which maknae Kyuhyun joined the group, making him the thirteenth and final member of Super Junior. While “U” is not as well known compared to the group’s more recent releases, it’s always good to look back at where it all started. “U” may not have been their debut track, but it is still one of Super Junior’s first songs and allows us and the group to reminisce about the past.

While there are so many great songs that Super Junior has released and we would love to highlight all of them, this concludes this week’s Throwback Thursday! There are still more chances where we will do another “Best Of” for Super Junior and other artists! Be on the lookout as Super Junior is slated to make their official comeback on November 6. They have been teasing bits and pieces of their upcoming album through their V LIVE page and social media. We are so excited to see Super Junior make their comeback! How about you? Let us know your thoughts. Stay tuned for next week as The Kraze brings another list for Throwback Thursday. You may just see some of your favorites in the next one!