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Throwback Thursday: Female Power Anthems

Here at The Kraze, we are big advocates of girls supporting girls. K-Pop girl groups get somewhat of a bad rep in mainstream media for being too cliché, too cutesy, or milking the innocent girl concept that some argue targets the male market. But did you know that many girl groups have released quite a few tracks hyping up the strength of the female gender? Let’s take a look back at some of the best power anthems girl groups have to offer.

Mind Your Own Business - Ailee

Ailee’s 2015 release features a bad girl, gang vibe that focuses on revenge after a bad relationship. Throughout the song, Ailee is unapologetic about her feelings and actions, laughing as she’s handcuffed, even breaking out of jail to return and smash her ex’s things. While some may consider this not the most productive message, the lyrics convey a level of strength that appears after your heart is shattered. Her actions in the music video are a metaphor for the manifestation of that anger, showing how it can be cathartic and empowering.

I Don’t Need A Man - miss A

miss A has been at the forefront of hype female anthems since their debut with “Bad Girl Good Girl.” “I Don’t Need A Man” is exactly the kind of song it sounds like—a song that celebrates women’s independence not just from men, but from parents as well. It’s a song that hypes up the strong and independent lady of the 21st century, celebrating the feeling of purchasing your own things and working your hardest for success. It’s a shame we seem to have lost these iconic ladies.

Cider - Yezi

The queen of unapologetic self confidence, Yezi debuted on the scene in 2016 with hit “Cider.” The maknae of Fiestar had a cute image with the group, but came out solo the exact opposite. Yezi’s refreshing attitude of being unapologetic about the “bad” things she wants and feels is the antithesis of the trope that women are supposed to be completely selfless and meek.

I Am The Best - 2NE1

Arguably one of the most iconic K-Pop songs in existence, “I Am The Best” is a song that is nothing but a celebration of yourself, something that wasn’t often heard on the scene back in 2011. Humbleness is generally celebrated as a feminine trait, but this track is the complete opposite of that. Let’s face it, all of us deserve to take a step back and say “I am the best,” and it’s nice of 2NE1 to provide that kind of hype for us.