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GOT7’s Unique Flavor

Aghases have to wait no longer: GOT7 is finally returning to the Korean music scene after six months! Having concluded their Flight Log series back in March, the group is coming back with  brand new concept 7 for 7. But what’s the secret to GOT7’s popularity since their debut in 2014? One possibility may just be the group’s unique flavor.

Group Chemistry

Does any introduction fully encompass the nonsense of GOT7 quite like the introduction of the final episode of season one of Real GOT7 filmed at Gwacheon Kids Park? Watching leader JB struggling to scoot forward on a plastic dolphin toy is quite indescribable. The seven boys are not afraid of being playful and childish in front of the camera, and this gives them an especially cute charm to fans.

Classic GOT7 behavior can be defined as the collective attention span of a squirrel. The boys are tasked with washing laundry, which quickly dissolves into BamBam fishing for compliments as he promises to give out ice cream and Mark offering the best sexy dancer a spot at the winners’ table. Next thing you know, it’s aegyo city and before you can even blink, a water gun squirt battle has broken out. Maknae Yugyeom even taunts older members by sticking his tongue out like a five-year-old.

One of the best episodes of GOT7’s Hard Carry takes place when the boys do a maze runner course. Members Mark and Youngjae are paired together for this particular clip, lovingly referred to as “Coco’s Parents.” Watching the boys play together in pairs especially shows the chemistry between them.

Dance Practice: Boyfriend Version

The first released “boyfriend version” of a dance practice came from debut and is still a fan favorite: “I Like You.” This is the first time the idea of playful dance practice with the group was revealed to fans, and it quickly became a staple of GOT7 with each comeback.

Standing at an impressive 21 million views is the “Just Right (Just Crazy Boyfriend Version),” arguably the most popular of the series of boyfriend versions of dance practices. Member BamBam’s meme status became infamous at this point. Perhaps the popularity of this particular video is due in part to the general delightful message of “Just Right,” but there’s no doubt that this video is a must-watch for any fan.

A personal favorite of mine is the “If You Do (iGOT7 Select Version).” Aghases were gifted this special dance practice after reaching a certain milestone of views on the official “If You Do” music video. With the boys performing in their dorm living room and the guest appearance of every fan’s favorite group pet Coco, this is no doubt a treat that adds to GOT7’s charm.

Festive Bonus: The Big Scare!

A classic K-Entertainment prank is to scare members either in a haunted house or with a scary clip. GOT7’s crew takes it a bit further by having their manager dress up as a ghost and jump out from under the table to scare the pants off the members. As expected, this is peak entertainment not just for fans, but for the boys as well.