Block B is Back with a Montage of Great Music

Block B is Back with a Montage of Great Music

Seven Seasons group Block B has come back during a very competitive week. Within two days, SEVENTEEN, MONSTA X, EXID, and Block B have released new albums, not to mention TWICE and Super Junior coming back not too long ago as well. Needless to say, the already underrated group has fallen into the shadows a bit this time around, and it’s quite unfortunate.

Shall We Dance?

I immediately knew I would love this song from its first beat. “Shall We Dance” sounds charismatic and unique with its falsetto verses and funky dance break in the chorus. The rap verses are fun to listen to, and it really does make you want to dance. However, the song is not of a style that is typical of boy group titles, and this has resulted in them not doing too well digitally. This honestly upsets me because I appreciate the uniqueness that Block B delivered this time around. The song may not be musically complex and loud, but it’s different. Because of this, it’s the kind of song that will likely not do well in Korea, but it may see success overseas as international fans will probably love the Latin vibes in the song.

The music video isn’t anything too special. The fashion is out of this world, and not in a good way, and the hairstyle choices are a bit questionable, to say the least. However, it is this quirkiness that sets Block B apart from other boy groups. Also, I know the choreography is going to be unimpressive to most K-Pop fans, but I myself absolutely love the zany little dance moves. They’re easy to follow along to, funky, and absolutely addicting to watch.



The seven-membered group has released their sixth mini-album, titled Montage. The album opens with “My Zone,” which is a groovy, ‘70s funk-inspired track written by ZICO and FXNCY CHILD member Penomeco. It’s bright and fun and sounds like it would be a suitable title track. Those who know Block B know that they do hip-hop and rap incredibly well for a boy group, as shown here with a pop mix. The members all complement each other perfectly, and this song shows off their charisma. The group used the song to promote LG’s V30 phone.

“일방적이야 (One Way)” carries a tropcial steel-drum beat and a romantic feel throughout the song. I started smiling while listening to the track and couldn’t help but move along to the beat. The song makes me feel like I’m lying on a beach in Jamaica, and if a song can take me away so easily like that, then it’s definitely a great track. Three tracks in, and I’m already in love with Montage and am getting increasingly more upset that Block B isn’t getting more attention.

The next track is from the vocal line, “이렇게 (Like This),” written by Kyung. From the first sentimental note, I was taken aback. The song is a beautiful ballad that somehow makes me wish that winter was here and that the snow was falling—and this is saying a lot since I hate winter. It’s so warm and cozy, and honestly one of the most beautiful ballads I have heard from a boy group this year. If you’ve been feeling deprived of a good piano ballad lately, check out “Like This,” because it’s undeniably gorgeous. The vocals are no joke.

After the chill-inducing ballad comes a smooth and groovy closing solo track, “Give and Take.” B-Bomb is given his time to shine with this electro track. It’s a sexy song that showcases his likeable vocals and talent as a songwriter. There’s not much else to say at this point. I was pleasantly surprised by each and every song on this album, and “Give and Take” closes things off nicely.


One disappointing thing about this album is that, despite having five songs, these all amount to a mere 16 minutes and 40 seconds of music. This number seems so small and insignificant, and it makes it easy to listen to the album once and put it away, especially when comparing to other groups who have come out this time with full albums. While Montage is such a solid album that shows off the group's talents very well, I think they have unfortunately chosen a bad time to promote. This really upsets me since this is one of the best releases I have heard from a boy group this year. Please, everyone, don’t sleep on Block B!

“Shall We Dance” Title Score: 9/10
Music Video Score: 7.5/10
Montage Album Score: 9.5/10

Overall: 8.7

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