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Block B-Sides

After what feels like an eternity, Block B is finally back on the K-Pop scene and I, for one, am thrilled to have them back. It often seems that we’re deprived of full-on comebacks from the boys, likely due to the extensive struggles they’ve been through since debuting. Regardless, Block B is always here to provide quality music for those of us that patiently wait for their return.

My Zone

The boys actually released a music video/commercial for “My Zone” back in October. “My Zone” is a fun and upbeat track that has an old school ‘50s rock feel to it right off the bat. Block B has proven to have quite the range of musical versatility, and “My Zone” shows that off quite a bit, with a shift in the musical tone at the chorus as the song goes into half time and takes on a more modern beat. The duality of the track keeps it fresh, and it’s a great start to their newest release.

Give & Take (B-Bomb Solo)

I’m usually not a big fan of solo releases on group albums, but I found myself immediately enamored with B-Bomb’s solo, the final track off of Montage. The song has an R&B, soul feel to it, which complements B-Bomb’s vocals quite well. The song is very catchy, and I have no doubt that the song will be stuck in your head after just one listen. In my opinion, the song is a perfect end to Montage, wrapping up the album nicely.

Like This (Vocal Unit)

Who’s ready for a ballad? Although I’m often quite picky about ballads that I choose to feature, Block B’s vocal unit performs “Like This” so well that I can’t help but include it. The vocal talent of members Jaehyo, Taeil, U-Kwon, and B-Bomb really shine through with this melancholy melody that is delivered in such a way that it’s almost heart-wrenching. How dare you make me feel things so deeply, Block B.

A Few Years Later

Bouncing back to Blooming Period, “A Few Years Later” was released alongside title track “Toy” and is a quiet, smooth, but more upbeat ballad than “Like This.” The rapping is especially pleasing alongside the melody. Block B has proven to be masters of the ultimate bangers as well as the best soft releases.