SEVENTEEN Is Youthful as Ever with Second Full Album, TEEN, AGE!

SEVENTEEN Is Youthful as Ever with Second Full Album, TEEN, AGE!

SEVENTEEN is back once again but this time with their second full album, TEEN, AGE. For this release, the popular idol boy group brings 13 brand new tracks for fans and listeners to jam out to. Prior to the release of the album, SEVENTEEN pre-released special unit tracks to further hype fans. These special tracks were then later included. Nonetheless, SEVENTEEN unleashes another solid album that is worth the listen.

1. Intro: 新世界 (New World)

As the title suggests, SEVENTEEN introduces their album with an EDM instrumental track with little vocalization from the members. The lyrics in the intro state, “Started from the bottom,” which is used to explain how they have come such a long way from being an idol group from a small company to a group that is earning several awards and traveling around the world. As this is SEVENTEEN’s second full album, the intro provides a great start, showing their growth as a top-tier idol group.


2. Change Up

Of the pre-released special tracks from SEVENTEEN, “Change Up” is the first which is comprised of all the unit leaders: S.Coups (hip-hop unit), Hoshi (performance unit), and Woozi (vocal unit). This is one of the few times that Carats (new and old) get to see all leaders come together in their own collaboration track. “Change Up” is an R&B/hip-hop track that smoothly blends the vocals and rapping skills of the three leaders. Once the song gets going, you can’t deny the catchiness of the beat and chorus crooned by Woozi. The accompanying music video showcases all three leaders using simple props but features them in bright, colorful sets and clothes, which all add to the chill vibe of the song. With “Change Up” being the first full track, it serves as a great start for the rest of the album, leaving listeners and fans pumped and ready for the next songs.

3. 모자를 눌러 쓰고 (Without You)

When you first start listening to “모자를 눌러 쓰고 (Without You),” you may initially think this track is going to be a soft ballad, but the song gives fans a twist by turning into a more mid-tempo, upbeat track. The song shifts in instrumentals—going from soft and slow to an upbeat EDM-type rhythm—but the blending of different styles works well and has SEVENTEEN’s signature unique charm. The lyrics behind the song are about the SEVENTEEN members wanting to change because the person whom they have an interest in is no longer around. Since they are no longer around, the members really don’t have much going on for them, so some change is needed and they have to eventually move on without the other person.


4. Title: 박수 (Clap)

Once again SEVENTEEN unleashes another catchy and addictive title track that will have everyone either singing along or doing the choreography. With a rock-influenced sound, the song doesn’t fail to invoke the power and passion of youth. Automatically when the track starts playing, you already know that you’ll be jamming along. The only downside to “박수 (Clap)” is that the song falls under the three-minute mark. While the song makes a big impression, many fans can agree that the track could have been longer. Who doesn’t want to hear more? Despite the length of the song, which is only a minor detail compared to the rest of the album, what makes up for it is the accompanying music video that shows off the SEVENTEEN members and their quirky selves. In addition, the video’s concept is that they are all part of a video production company. The music video is filled with bright and funky colors from the props and set down to the outfits that the SEVENTEEN members are wearing. The overall video showcases loads of fun and hijinks that viewers will feed off of and feel energized from. Let’s not forget we’ll all probably get the “jjak jjak jjak jjak” line stuck in our heads because it’s so catchy.

5. 날 쏘고 가라 (Bring It)

Need a song that oozes confidence? Something that is hard-hitting and in your face? Hoshi and Woozi unleash “날 쏘고 가라 (Bring It)” which is an EDM/hip-hop heavy track that’ll have you bobbing your head to it in no time. Hoshi delivers this fierceness through his rap which in turn is complemented by Woozi’s velvety vocals. “날 쏘고 가라 (Bring It)” is the type of track that you can find playing at a club or at a dance competition thanks to the addicting beat and instrumentals. The song is surely a banger, and you will not be disappointed. We hope to see Hoshi and Woozi perform this particular song live in the future because this would make for a great stage.


6. Lilili Yabbay (13월의 춤)

As previously mentioned, prior to the release of the album, each unit within SEVENTEEN released its own track and music video. The performance unit (Hoshi, The8, Jun, and Dino) is next on the album with “Lilili Yabbay (13월의 춤).” This is another EDM/R&B-influenced track that is on the darker side compared to previous tracks. “Lilili Yabbay (13월의 춤)” starts off slow and smooth but works its way up to a more upbeat and fast-paced track that shows off the EDM influence. The music video features the performance unit dancing in all white in New York, kept simple as it is meant to highlight the performance unit’s precise, sharp choreography. Overall, this is another solid track, and we look forward to seeing more from the performance unit of SEVENTEEN.

7. Trauma

The next of the unit releases is the hip-hop unit’s (S.Coups, Vernon, Wonwoo, Mingyu) “Trauma.” This was another pre-released track from SEVENTEEN, and it surely doesn’t disappoint. The last time fans were treated to the hip-hop unit collaborating on a track was their mixtape track, “Check In.” It’s also not often that we get the chance to see the members singing, so when Mingyu starts off the track, it’s definitely a wonderful surprise. Not only Mingyu and his vocals, but the rest of the hip-hop unit also effortlessly (and smoothly) kills the track with their rap verses. The music video itself has a darker setting and theme compared to their other releases, but it still has a quality that manages to draw you in and have you watching from the beginning to the end.


8. 바람개비 (Pinwheel)

Last but certainly not least from the unit tracks comes the vocal unit’s (DK, Seungkwan, Woozi, Joshua, and Jeonghan) “Pinwheel.” As these members are primarily the vocalists from the idol group, it comes as no surprise that they would release a much slower and softer song. “바람개비 (Pinwheel)” is the perfect song that you can sit back and relax to. Just like in the music video, the song brings you on a journey about how the members have lost their way but will find their way back to where they are meant to be. Just like a pinwheel, life will continue to move on. The music video features the members roaming around various locations surrounded by nature, which adds to the serene vibe and aesthetic of the song.

9. Flower

If you were expecting a bright and cute track when you read the title “Flower,” then you’re in for a surprise, because this next track is not that type of song at all. “Flower” is a much darker and mysterious song, with its simple instrumentals that later pick up during the chorus to make this song, in particular, high energy. Featured on this track are members Wonwoo, S.Coups, Jeonghan, Dino, DK, and Seungkwan, who undoubtedly blend well together to create a picture where the person they like is compared to a flower. This person is “their flower” because all of these feelings have “bloomed” inside of them. Since they are describing the person whom they are interested in as a flower, they also mention how they love them, thorns and all. Although “Flower” has darker tones throughout the song, it still has an endearing meaning behind it and is a song that many will enjoy.

10. Rocket

Despite it being the fall/winter months, Vernon and Joshua bring back the summer vibes with their track “Rocket.” The duo picks the album back up with this fun dance track that’s about feeling free, letting loose, blasting off, and having a good time. “Rocket” is a straight-up, feel-good song that you can’t help but kick back to. Need a song that will get you up and off your feet? “Rocket” will surely give you that satisfaction. This is also the first time we see the Joshua and Vernon duo collaborate together for a track, with the light, soft vocals from Joshua and the deep, rough rap from Vernon blending together in a melody that will have you, and fans alike, swooning.


11. Hello

As the pace of the album picks up, “Hello” is a refreshing surprise and also a track with which all fans can identify. “Hello” describes the feeling of wanting to approach the person you are interested in and getting the courage to say hello to them. We’ve all experienced having a crush on someone before and feeling nervous, working up the confidence just to say hello. “Hello” is a sweet, lighthearted song that features DK, Mingyu, and Jun—another first time for fans to see the three collaborate on a song. Like all previous tracks that have different combinations of members, this song perfectly blends the talents of DK, Mingyu, and Jun together to create another solid track.

12. 캠프파이어 (Campfire)  

“캠프파이어 (Campfire)” offers more of an acoustic-pop feel that will surely bring a smile to your face. “캠프파이어 (Campfire)” will put a spring in your step as you listen; the track has an almost holiday/Christmas feel to it. The song invokes a warm feeling that you will fall for, which makes sense given the fact that the song is titled “캠프파이어 (Campfire).” The song can be understood in different ways, but one of the most endearing and thoughtful interpretations is that this song is for Carats and describes how the members are grateful and happy for all the memories that have been made thus far. It’s as if SEVENTEEN wants all Carats to picture themselves sitting together around a big, warm campfire, bonding and sharing memories. “캠프파이어 (Campfire)” is a sweet, delightful song and, as the last full song of the album, a nice way to round off the rest of the tracks.

13. Outro: 未完 (Incompletion)

Last, but certainly not least, comes the outro “未完 (Incompletion).” The song is purely composed of the instrumentals used in the group’s title track, “박수 (Clap).” As this is the outro of the album, it provides the perfect closing and serves as a reminder to go back and listen to “박수 (Clap)” once more. The outro is titled as “未完 (Incompletion)” because it’s not a full instrumental track for “박수 (Clap),” but it could serve as a little teaser for future albums.

Overall, SEVENTEEN made another solid comeback with their latest album. From beginning to end, all the tracks are highly worth the listen. If you have not gotten around to listening to TEEN, AGE yet, you are surely missing out on a great full album from the idol group.


"Clap" Title Score: 10/10
Music Video Score: 9.5/10
Album Score: 10/10

Overall: 9.83/10

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