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Throwback Thursday: The Unit Special

As one of the most anticipated shows of 2017, the idol reboot show The Unit has finally started airing in Korea. For those who are not aware of the variety/survival show, The Unit is a show that gives already-debuted idols the chance to reboot themselves as performers and form a national idol group. The Unit provides the chance for these idols to stand on the stage again and put their names back on the radar in the music industry. Prior to the airing of The Unit, there was a lot of talk as there were some big name artists and groups that were confirmed to be joining the show, further adding anticipation for the reboot. For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we are going to look at some of these established idols and their (for some, former) group’s music.

WARNING: The below article may contain spoilers if you have not watched The Unit; however, it will not unveil the specific participating members of each group.

“Secret Time” - SPICA

Making their first appearance on Throwback Thursday, SPICA is one of the most recent idol groups to have disbanded in the K-Pop industry. This comes as a great surprise as this idol girl group has been around the scene for quite some time.  As we are not going to unveil which member of SPICA has participated in the variety show, it is such a shame that this group had to disband as they had so much potential to be one of the top girl groups in Korea. With strong and powerful voices, these girls blow the roof with their song, “Secret Time.” One of the qualities that made SPICA known aside from their powerful vocals and stunning visuals was their consistent retro style which served as one of their strongest concepts. “Secret Time” is a fun disco-influenced dance track that will definitely have you up and dancing around. You can never go wrong with having another track to add to your party playlist, and “Secret Time” is the perfect addition. Hopefully, with the appearance of the SPICA member participating in The Unit, viewers will not forget this girl group and the potential and talent that these girls have.

“Full Moon Shine” - BIGSTAR

Another underrated group that has a member participating in The Unit is Brave BrothersBIGSTAR. It has been quite some time since this boy group has had active promotions or a comeback, and this left their fans wondering what was going on with the idol group. While fans are still able to keep up with some of the members and their daily activities via social media, there has not been much movement in terms of their music or any information about when the group would make a comeback. It has been two years since “Full Moon Shine,” which was their last comeback, and fans want more since this group is also filled with potential. “Full Moon Shine” is an R&B dance track that oozes with smooth vibes and swag. This particular track and music video shows the growth in the group as they step away from that young, party-boy concept that they debuted with. With a few of the members of BIGSTAR participating in The Unit, those who have been fans of the idol group can rejoice as they get to see the group participating in activities and hope that there is a chance for BIGSTAR to gain even more recognition.


Last but certainly not least, MADTOWN also has a few members participating in The Unit. With recent news of the idol boy group leaving their agency due to serious issues and disagreements, MADTOWN is surely back on the radar, however, not necessarily in the brightest of ways. Despite all the drama going on, many loyal fans have been patiently waiting for when the group would make a comeback. Like all the other groups mentioned in this week’s Throwback Thursday, and those that are participating in The Unit, MADTOWN is another underrated group that has solid tracks under their belt. One song in particular that fans and new listeners will enjoy is “OMGT” which is a funky, hip-hop dance track with choreography that will have viewers dancing along with the group. While it’s not necessarily summer anymore, this song is a definite must-have for the season thanks to the music video’s bright colors and summer-esque vibes. Like the other groups mentioned, there is hope that with the appearance of the idol group on The Unit that MADTOWN’s talent and potential will be brought to the center and help put them back on the map as a solid group to follow.

While this week’s Throwback Thursday only scratched the surface of the many idols and idol groups that are participating in The Unit, we wish all those participating the best of luck and hope that these groups get their moment to shine and make a name for themselves. The K-Pop industry is truly a tough market, but with TV shows such as The Unit, this is an opportunity for them to really showcase their skills and prove they really are born to be standing on stage. This wraps up this week’s Throwback Thursday! Check back next week for a fresh list of songs and music videos to jam out to. You may just see some of your favorites!