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MONSTA X Gets Their First Win with “DRAMARAMA” on The Show!

Two long years after debut, MONSTA X has finally received their first music show win with “DRAMARAMA!” It’s been an emotional roller coaster, not just for the group, but for Monbebes as well. I myself have been along for the ride with MONSTA X since their debut, so I was incredibly excited for the boys to finally have reached one of their biggest goals.

Noteworthy Talent from the Get-Go

The group debuted in the late spring of 2015, with the final members chosen through the survival show No.Mercy on Mnet in December 2014. The debut release “Trespass” was a high-energy, intense track that not only showcased the group’s talents in singing, rapping, and dancing, but also their unique personalities. In the music video, the boys play jail-breaking gangsters, but they tend to appear more goofy than your typical bad boy. The title was produced by Starship Entertainment artist Rhymer. Additionally, the group has had the opportunity to work with high-level producers on their albums including famous artist Giriboy, who produced their first comeback title “Rush.” The group unfortunately was overshadowed by particularly noteworthy comebacks by already well-known boy groups like EXO and BTS.

MONSTA X’s first time really stepping into the spotlight came with the video release of “HERO.” At the current moment, “HERO” has accumulated about two and a half times the views debut “Trespass” has, and the group became a more well-known name amongst the community. Personally, I thought the original version of “HERO” was a total masterpiece and worthy of a music show win. But unfortunately, the era would pass mostly uneventfully just as the previous two had.

Things started to look up as the group returned with THE CLAN series, an intricate and cryptic plot line that spanned three album releases. “All In” and “Beautiful” especially brought more notoriety and showed some possibility of getting the group to that evasive first win, but once again to no avail.

Moving into the fall of 2017, it began to feel as if the boys would never get what they deserved. Despite branching out in sound from solid hip-hop influence to more traditional pop sounds and executing more and more intricate choreography, they were always overshadowed by someone else on the music charts and in performances. This is a well-known struggle for groups that aren’t from the “Big 3” agencies, but it starts to feel like a useless battle after years continue to pass by.

Then we got “DRAMARAMA.”

Admittedly, “DRAMARAMA” is not my favorite release from MONSTA X, but regardless, I do believe they truly deserved to win with this release anyway. “DRAMARAMA” mixes the group’s original hip-hop sounds with some of the more pop influences found in THE CLAN series in a way that I think wraps up their talents nicely. I’m very happy to finally see some recognition for these incredibly talented boys reflected on the music charts after all they’ve been through.