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SF9 Asked Boston to Be Their Fantasy During #SF9inBOS

On November 19, Boston experienced something sensational, and The Kraze was lucky enough to be there. Hosted by SubKulture Entertainment, SF9 ended their Be My Fantasy tour in Boston at the Wilbur Theatre, coming from their previous shows in Dallas and Seattle. Despite the gloomy weather, numerous Fantasies eagerly waited in line to not only see this nine-membered boy group perform live, but also because this show marks the first K-Pop concert to come to Boston. Many Bostonian K-Pop fans in line expressed relief that they did not have to make travel plans to go to a show in places like New York or California. Although I personally do not know SF9 enough to call myself a Fantasy, I attended this concert to not only get to know this group better, but to help spread awareness of how many K-Pop fans there are in the Boston area.

Located in the heart of Boston’s Theatre District, The Wilbur was a great choice for this amazing night. Fans entered the venue full of excitement, many of them stopping by the merch table to buy items like posters, shirts, and of course, light sticks. Fantasies were also given the opportunity to drop off fan letters to the guys! Once in the venue, fans did not hide how enthusiastic they were to be able to see SF9 live. Before the show even started, these fans cheered and sang along with SF9 tracks that were playing in the background while waving around their lightsticks.

SF9 started their Boston show with lots of energy while performing their debut song “Fanfare,” followed by “Roar.” Fantasies sang along with the guys as they performed their impressive choreography. After these two songs, SF9 introduced themselves to their Boston Fantasies for the first time with a quick interview. When SF9 was asked what they wanted to do while in Boston, Inseong made sure to mention that he wanted to visit Fenway Park, which made the audience very happy.

After the interview, SF9 began the first activity of the night. They were told two options of what the fans wanted them to do, and they had to guess which of the two the fans voted for the most. This fun activity really brought out all of the members’ personalities. Some hilarious moments during this game included Inseong believing Boston was in New York, Taeyang, Dawon, and Rowoon dancing to I.O.I’s “”Very Very Very,” and Chani reenacting the infamous “hand on wall” scene seen in K-Dramas, with Dawon acting as his girlfriend, and Zuho and Taeyang acting as the wall.

The show continued with SF9 performing “K.O.,” which happens to be my favorite out of all the choreographies they have done. “K.O.” was followed by “Jungle Game” as well as a special stage performance of Austin Mahone’s “Dirty Work.”

After killing it on stage once again, SF9 began their second activity of the night: the time limit relay game. The guys had to successfully complete various tasks while being timed. They played this game twice; the awesome part about this game was that for each round, a fan was chosen through a raffle to play with them! The first fan was welcomed to the stage with a hug from Dawon, and although the SF9 boys did not end up winning, I know she definitely felt like a winner. SF9 did win in the second round with another fan, and as a thank you, the guys gave the fan a signed album!

After the game, SF9 showed a cuter side to themselves while performing “Let’s Hang Out,” and did a complete 180 when they performed “Easy Love” right after. With the concert almost coming to a close, SF9 celebrated their leader Youngbin’s birthday with Fantasies by singing “Happy Birthday” and giving him a birthday cake hat. His birthday was a few days after this show, so he was pleasantly surprised. Also, Inseong took some footage of Fantasies in the audience for his graduation project since he will be graduating soon. He asked the audience to shout out “I love you Inseong,” followed by “A grade” in hopes that his professor will give him an A for the project. After some more ending remarks, SF9 said goodbye to their fans by performing their most recent comeback title track “O Sole Mio.”

After the show, Fantasies who bought P1 and P2 tickets lined up for group photos and hi-touch, with both events ending very smoothly. The excitement in the Fantasies’ eyes was extremely pronounced, and everyone left the hi-touch and group photo opportunities with big smiles on their faces.

All in all, SF9 did a remarkable job during Boston’s first ever K-Pop concert. All nine of the boys gave it their all, and I can’t wait to see what they achieve in the future. Congratulations to SF9 for successfully completing their first American Tour, and thank you SubK for bringing them to Boston!