Throwback Thursday: Staff Picks Part 2

Throwback Thursday: Staff Picks Part 2

Throwback Thursday is back once again to bring another wave of nostalgia with a list filled with classic favorites. This week, the staff at The Kraze are once again bringing some of their picks that they want to highlight for Throwback Thursday! Get ready for a blast from the past as we look at some of The Kraze staff picks. Let’s see what songs they picked!

“Good-bye Baby” - miss A

Josh, Writer

Released in 2011, miss A made their comeback with “Good-bye Baby.” Right from their debut in 2010, miss A became the hottest girl group to hit the music scene. They had catchy and addictive songs on top of killer talent and visuals that swept the world off its feet. “Good-bye Baby” marked the beginning of the dark, sexy, and mature concepts for the girl group. This particular song was about saying goodbye to the person who hurt them and no longer letting them continue to do so. The miss A members show that they aren’t going to deal with them anymore and that they are moving on. As the lyrics and title suggest, they are saying their final goodbye to the person who was once their lover.

Josh: “Back to the days when Suzy was fresh from the Dream High craze! I’ve always thought of miss A as JYP's best girl group; aside from each member’s incredible skill set, they had the best discography. “Good-bye Baby” is their best title track, and listening to it brings back a lot of memories.”

“너라고 It's You” - Super Junior

Kelly, Editor

Once again, Super Junior makes another appearance on Throwback Thursday! “너라고 It's You” was released in 2009, coming right after their smash hit, “Sorry Sorry.” This particular song speaks of heartbreak and longing for a lover, which is conveyed through the music video as all the members of Super Junior are seen, distraught and emotional, as they think or chase after their love interests. “너라고 It's You” is one of the last times that you also see all 13 original members of Super Junior together. Currently, Super Junior is promoting their latest album, PLAY, and celebrated their 12-year debut anniversary.

Kelly: “This is one of the first songs that got me into K-Pop. While the lyrics are more or less the same as any standard love song, something about the tone of this song sets it apart from others for me. Super Junior‘s vocals are always strong, but their voices lend particularly well to the desperation in the lyrics (especially Yesung, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun in the chorus).”

“Delicious” - Toheart

Daniela, Editor

It is not often K-Pop sees a unit group consisting of different group members. It is only in recent years that we have seen more groups coming together. Toheart is a duo unit with Key from SHINee and Woohyun from INFINITE. This duo released their single “Delicious” in 2014—a funky and upbeat dance track that will definitely get stuck in your head. Need a song that will pick you right up? “Delicious” is the perfect song for you!

Daniela: “Toheart was truly a collaboration for the history books. The duo gave fans breathtaking vocals, funky beats, and lighthearted fun! I mean, you really can't expect anything less from Key and Woohyun. “Delicious” was truly a combination of musical genius by two notable, seasoned idols, which makes this performance even more bittersweet (bitter because of the duo's short-lived collaboration, but also sweet because we were able to witness something truly magical from Toheart).”

And that’s a wrap on this week’s Throwback Thursday! Tune back in next week as we bring another list of throwbacks from the staff at The Kraze! Who knows? You may even see your favorite make the list!

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