November Favorites

November Favorites


Favorite Song


Block B - “Shall We Dance”

The group that officially hooked me into the Hallyu Wave back in 2011 had their comeback this November with an exciting song that I just can’t quit singing. After various solo projects and a hiatus, Block B has reunited as a group with MONTAGE, and its title, “Shall We Dance” is my top song for this month. The group never fails to innovate and excite its listeners, and with the new title we see some of the Block B that appeared in 2012 with “Nillili Mambo.” Repetitive chorus or not, “Shall We Dance” is the song that outshined my entire K-Pop playlist for this month.

Favorite Album



I’m a loud and proud BBC, and MONTAGE was most certainly my album of the month and pretty high on my list of albums of the year. Block B’s 6th mini-album is varied, fun, and well-rounded. Each song highlights the group members’ talents. “이렇게” as a vocal unit solo was a brilliant move from the group, silently nodding towards the constant complaints that Block B’s rap line always gets the longer end of the stick. With that in mind, vocalist and dancer B-Bomb got his very own solo, “Give & Take.” MONTAGE is a perfect mix of K-Pop’s current preference for hip-hop and R&B tunes.

Favorite Music Video

BTS - “MIC Drop (Steve Aoki Remix)”

Fair enough, there isn’t much to this music video, but that’s the beauty behind it. In the midst of a busy week in the United States, BTS released their music video for the much awaited Steve Aoki remix of “MIC Drop.” In addition to the remix used in the music video, the song also has a third version featuring rapper Desiigner. The music video showcases the group’s dance abilities. BTS has not been a group in which dance is the first thing mentioned when talking about them, but the music video focuses on powerful visuals and dance moves are just what the group needed to leave their newly-arrived Western crowd in awe.


Favorite Hand Cream



I originally bought this as a gift for a friend because they were cheap and cute, but once I never got around to meeting with said friend, I opened one of them and fell in love. I’m not one to like hand creams, but Allure’s MISSING U feels like chapstick for you hands. My hands were not sticky and the smells did not impregnate everything I touched. Perfect for cold days in New York City, and an adorable and economical holiday gift!

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