Throwback Thursday: Staff Picks Part 3

Throwback Thursday: Staff Picks Part 3

Throwback Thursday is back once again to usher in yet another wave of nostalgia, this time with a list of classic favorites. This week the staff at The Kraze are voicing some of the picks they’d like featured for this Throwback Thursday! Get ready for a blast from the past as we look at some of The Kraze staff picks. Let’s see what songs they chose!

“Neverland” - U-KISS

Kayleen, Promoter

U-KISS is no stranger to Throwback Thursday! This veteran boy group has been around since 2008 and has released countless songs not only in Korea, but in Japan as well. Currently, the group is active in Japan, and their youngest member is participating in the idol reboot show The Unit. “Neverland” was released in 2011, and it is another catchy dance track from the idol group. You may just find yourself singing along to the chorus long after listening to the song and watching the music video!

Kayleen: “As soon as this song starts playing, I can't help but jam out to it. ‘Neverland’ is seriously so catchy, and I don't know how they never won anything with it! It is so good, and the music video for it is amazing. Their look was incredible, and they absolutely slayed the choreography. Slayed it. I actually think this was my favorite U-KISS comeback. I'm listening to it as I'm writing this, and I'm getting overwhelmed with nostalgia. U-KISS was also the first K-Pop concert I went to, and to see them perform this live made me super excited.”

“Tomorrow” - BTS

Roxy, Graphic Designer & Writer

BTS is the next to be covered on this week’s Throwback Thursday! BTS has taken the world by storm, especially with their latest activities in the U.S.! But let’s not forget that aside from their title tracks, they have B-sides that are just as great. “Tomorrow” was released in 2014, off of their Skool Luv Affair album. “Tomorrow” is particularly heavy in beats, with raw emotion and realness that you can’t help but get enveloped in. “Tomorrow” is true to BTS’s style as they not only execute a great song, but also bring real issues to light.

Roxy: “‘Tomorrow’ is a song that means so much to me because not only is it composed by ultimate bae Suga, the song also helped me through my latest depression episode a few years ago. The message the boys convey in the lyrics, from feelings of listlessness to emphasizing the belief in a bright future, is incredibly powerful in an industry that is so focused on presenting their artists with a perfect front. BTS will always be remarkable for their ability to acknowledge and confront the issues young people often face, and ‘Tomorrow’ is one of their early testaments to that.”

“Baby Don’t Play” - Wonder Girls

Annika, Editor & Promoter

Last but certainly not least, the Wonder Girls finish off this week’s Throwback Thursday! Arguably a legendary girl group in K-Pop, the Wonder Girls made their debut in 2007. Unfortunately, the girl group parted ways earlier this year, with members now pursuing individual careers. However, their music and legacy continue to live on! Who knows, there is always an opportunity for the Wonder Girls to reunite and release music! Here’s what Annika had to say about her choice this week:

Annika: “Off of the Wonder Girls' iconic Reboot album, this song best captures their attempt at the ‘80s sound/aesthetic, in my opinion. It has a big sound with a fun, sultry vibe and a bridge that just calls for an ‘80s-esque dance break. This could've easily been the title track, but it'll remain an underrated gem.”

And that’s a wrap for this week’s Throwback Thursday! Tune back in next week as we bring another list of throwbacks from the staff at The Kraze! Who knows? You may even see your favorite make the list!

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