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Epik High Offers Some Wonderful Deep Cuts

Legendary hip-hop group Epik High has finally released their highly anticipated album We’ve Done Something Wonderful after a long three years since their last release. If you’re somehow unfamiliar with Epik High, you’re definitely missing out on some of the most quality music produced in the world. Tablo, Mithra Jin, and DJ Tukutz have proven their musical talent time and again, and there’s no exception for the B-side tracks of their albums.

“Amor Fati (Feat. Kim Jongwan of Nell)”

“Amor Fati” comes off last album release Shoebox, an incredibly emotional hip-hop ballad that begins with the intense phrase “God doesn’t love me” from Tablo. In fact, Tablo is the solo rapper on this track, only complemented by Kim Jongwan’s vocals in the chorus. The song is potentially one of the most powerful that I’ve ever heard, with Jongwan’s chorus stating “You try to run away from the world but then you run away from yourself and you don’t know the way home.” Followed by Tablo declaring “I believe in myself, I believe in the sweat on my hands, I believe in my heart, I believe in love, but they call me a non-believer.” Tablo has always had a way with impactful words in his works, and “Amor Fati” is a perfect example of that. The sorrowful melody and powerful rap verses are guaranteed to move your heart in a way other songs have failed to in the past.

“People Scare Me”

The opening track on newest album We’ve Done Something Wonderful is old school hip-hop vibe song “People Scare Me.” In a vein similar to “Amor Fati,” yet completely different in tone, “People Scare Me” has a passionate air about it that is reflected in the verses of Tablo and Mithra Jin. Tablo powerfully declares in the bridge “Sometimes to get to God first you’ve got to meet the devil,” followed by “you’re f***ed if you think it’s gonna be okay,” and ends the lyrical verse with “I’m face-to-face with the devil,” leaving a fiery feeling with the listener at his intense declarations. Epik High has mastered the ‘90s hip-hop sound and kept it fresh despite the time that has passed by, with the passion of the lyrics and music overflowing from start to finish.

“No Thanks (Feat. Mino, Simon D, The Quiett)”

No Epik High album would be complete without the legendary diss track. “Born Hater” became a sensation when released on Shoebox, and “No Thanks” follows its footsteps. Not to mention the group got quite a number of legendary K-Hip-Hop artists featured on the track: the tried-and-true WINNER’s Mino, AOMG featured rapper Simon D, and Illionaire’s The Quiett. There’s a surprise at the end of the song for BTS fans too—Suga’s voice is featured with two declarations of “No Thanks.” I promise you, I instantly recognize my main man’s voice in anything—and the scream that emitted from me upon first listen of “No Thanks” realizing that he contributed was probably enough to make my roommate think I was on my deathbed.

“Here Come the Regrets (Feat. LEE HI)”

Okay, let me start off by saying that it’s an absolute crime that YG Entertainment has kept LEE HI from us all of this time. She’s so talented and deserves better, but I digress. The backing track of “Here Come the Regrets” is a melancholy ballad that’s complemented perfectly by LEE HI’s gorgeous vocals and Tablo and Mithra Jin’s emotional verses. “Here Come the Regrets” is also one of the only all-English tracks on the album, and without prior knowledge you might assume this song was produced by a major Western artist. The fact that Epik High can cover this style, so different from their normal work, proves just how talented they truly are.