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Throwback Thursday: Best of Girls’ Generation

On this week’s Throwback Thursday, we are going to take a look at the best comebacks of SM Entertainment’s power girl group, Girls’ Generation, who recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their debut. Throughout their 10 years in the industry, many fans have grown up alongside Girls’ Generation (SNSD to some older fans and SONEs) and have witnessed the group’s ups and downs. Despite the questions surrounding Girls’ Generation’s future as a group (due to a few members not re-signing with SM Entertainment and Jessica leaving the group a couple of years ago), this week we will be focusing on why this girl group is one of the best in K-Pop!

“I Got A Boy”

Starting out this week’s Throwback Thursday is the girl group’s iconic “I Got A Boy!” While the girl group is known more for their cute, sexy, or elegant concepts in their music videos, this is the first time that many fans have seen the girls sporting an urban street style. With the famous beginning of “AYO GG!”, you already know that this song is going to be a hit. “IGAB” is a song that you will want to put on your playlist as it is super catchy and fun to dance to. The choreography for “IGAB” also sparked many dance covers from fans worldwide. Released in 2012, this particular song and music video has over 200 million views and one million likes on YouTube. From the mixture of bright, colorful outfits and sets to the addictive chorus and beat, it’s all a perfect blend of what makes “I Got A Boy” one of Girls’ Generation’s best releases. Let’s also not forget the memes like “_____ has got a boy!” whenever a Girls’ Generation member was revealed to be in a relationship.


One of the first songs that fans think of when they hear the idol group’s name is their song “Gee.” 2009 marked the release of this particular song, which launched them into the spotlight as one of the hottest girl groups in K-Pop. “Gee” changed the game for Girls’ Generation because it was their first song that went viral. Who could forget the members sporting jeans of all different colors and a catchy chorus and dance that many could easily follow? “Gee” propelled the ladies of Girls’ Generation into stardom, and through it many fans couldn’t help but give in to the “Gee” craze. One can’t help but smile once the song comes on. Till this day, the ladies continue to perform the song at concerts, and it is a K-Pop classic. The release of the song was so popular than many idol groups (new and old) have performed their own rendition of it at least once; some can perform the choreography on the spot should the song come up. The power of “Gee” is not a joke and will forever remain a classic and iconic song, not only for Girls’ Generation, but for K-Pop in its entirety. Can you find the SHINee member cameo in the music video?

“Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”

After the success of “Gee,” the next song that became the hottest craze from Girls’ Generation was the 2010 hit, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie).” Girls’ Generation managed to do it again for K-Pop, releasing another song that many were addicted to. From the music to the choreography down to the military-inspired outfits, fans worldwide were once again swept off their feet. It soon became a signature style of Girls’ Generation to blend the concepts of being cute and sexy in a music video whilst also having a catchy song to match. Similar to “Gee,” fans and many others began to see the iconic song and dance done as covers by other idol groups. The popularity of “Genie” branched as far as getting its own Japanese release as well as a 3D version of the music video. Check out their enchanting and addictive music video for “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” down below!

Fun Fact: An EXO member makes an appearance in the Japanese music video for “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)”! Can you guess who?

That concludes this week’s Throwback Thursday! As Girls’ Generation is a 10-year veteran in the industry, they have several great hits under their belt. This will surely not be the last time that we will highlight some of the best from the girl group. Stay tuned for next week’s Throwback Thursday as we bring you another fresh list of nostalgic songs in K-Pop! You may see your favorites in the next one! Congratulations to Girls’ Generation on their recent anniversary. We’re wishing all of the members (current and former) the best of luck on their future endeavours!