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Back to School With VARSITY

Break out a pen and paper, because it’s time to head back to school to learn about VARSITY.

VARSITY is a 12-membered boy group who debuted this year under joint management by Korea's Global K-Center and China’s In Hi Media entertainment companies. The group includes members: Jaebin, Seungbo, Riho, Bullet, Kid, Damon, Xiweol, Xin, Anthony, Yunho, Dawon, and Manny. Their name, VARSITY, stands for their goal to become the representative K-Pop idol group around the globe.

And global they are! Seven members of VARSITY are Korean and five are Chinese, but their diverse backgrounds are what set them apart from other groups. Anthony is from the U.S., Seungbo lived in Dubai, and Manny is also the first known Muslim K-Pop idol. All together, VARSITY speaks a whopping five different languages: English, French, Chinese, Korean, and Arabic.

Their ability to speak so many different languages has helped them gain a ton of attention and fans from all over the world, even though they just officially debuted in January of this year.

U R My Only One

VARSITY’s first comeback was with “U R My Only One,” an electronic song with a catchy chorus, sleek choreography, and a cool, sexy concept. The track’s music video was definitely made to catch the interest of fans of groups who have a tougher concept; the video even featured aerial shots of the members dancing on a rooftop like seen in MONSTA X’s “HERO.” Despite being visually similar to a few groups, “U R My Only One” was a solid debut single that showed off all of VARSITY’s talents including acrobatics, a solid rapping line, and the members’ ability to hit some killer high notes.

Hole In One

Rather than stay within the tough guy concept, VARSITY took a chance and came back with a bubbly, cute concept for their second single “Hole In One.” The song is all about falling in love at first sight with a girl and then trying to persuade her to go on a date with them. “This isn’t a chance that comes along every day,” the members sing, “you’ve bewitched all the guys in the world / one shot, one kill, hole in one.” It’s a bit of a silly song, but “Hole In One” was a perfect summertime comeback with its peppy dance beat, adorable pink outfits, and a hilarious music video full of the members trying and failing to impress girls. Choreography with golf influences in it has never looked so cool.

Can You Come Out Now?

If there’s one thing to say about VARSITY, it’s that they are constantly evolving their sound. Their most recent comeback, “Can You Come Out Now,” allowed the group to dabble in the tropical house sound that’s been very popular within K-Pop this year. The song’s music video features cool, dynamic shots that show off the group’s rock solid choreography and the live performances of the song on voting shows like Inkigayo highlight just how much the group has improved since their debut. Also, listen to the beat during the dance break and try not to dance along—it’s all but impossible. If you’re a lover of groups lIke SEVENTEEN and MONSTA X, then VARSITY is set to be your next obsession.