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B.A.P Releases 8th Single Album, EGO!

B.A.P makes their return with their 8th single, EGO, giving fans an end-of-the-year treat with its high-energy tracks. This album marks the group’s third comeback this year as they have previously released singles Rose and BLUE. While this single only has three tracks, all of them will undoubtedly have you up on your feet and grooving!


B.A.P is one of the few iconic groups to tackle issues and subjects that many do not venture into, and “HANDS UP” is another song of theirs that is all about empowering oneself and feeling confident. We all have days where we feel discouraged, but “HANDS UP” encourages listeners to raise their hands up and grab onto positivity and reach for their dreams. B.A.P tells their fans that they are going to be right there with them, standing together with arms raised to further encourage and empower them. The song itself is a mix of rock/hip-hop influences that B.A.P is known to have with most of their promoted tracks. The music video for “HANDS UP” is reminiscent of their “WAKE ME UP” music video and features not only the B.A.P members but also a large group of people, all coming together with their hands raised and ready to fight all the negativity. Check out the music video below if you haven’t already and get ready to rock out!


Slowing things down just a bit, “Moondance” is a sensual R&B track that will make fans and listeners alike swoon. In the track, B.A.P sings about wanting to dance under the moonlight with their lovers. While B.A.P is known for their uplifting and inspiring tracks, the boy group also tackles other topics such as love and heartbreak. “Moondance” describes how the group members’ lovers shine like the moon. “Moondance” is the perfect slow jam that will have your heart racing and you feeling those butterflies in your stomach when you are around your special someone. Regardless, this is another solid track from the boy group that continues to impress.


As the last track from the single, B.A.P heats things up this winter with “THINK HOLE!” This EDM-inspired dance track is about falling deeper in love with someone and how that person brings a new vitality to life. From the members’ points of view in the track, B.A.P feels a little more complete with this person in their lives. While the track starts off a little slow, it builds up to a funky beat that is perfect for the summer season. “THINK HOLE” is definitely the type of song that you will have on repeat, especially with its catchy chorus!

All in all, B.A.P surely does not disappoint with their latest single. All the songs would make a wonderful addition to your music library. Listen to this single album if you haven’t already and check out B.A.P and their other releases as well! Congratulations to B.A.P on their comeback!