Jun. K Reminisces the Past and Faces the Future on “Moving Day”

Jun. K Reminisces the Past and Faces the Future on “Moving Day”

2PM “King of Soul” Jun. K has returned to the music scene with his new mini-album In My Twenties, which is likely the last release from the singer before he goes to complete his mandatory military service, joining fellow member Taecyeon. Jun. K’s solo career has been filled with fantastic R&B releases, and his latest work is no exception.

The Gloomy Aura of Moving Day

Title song “이사하는 날 Moving Day” is a soft and soulful track that perfectly fits the calm of the season. There’s a lingering sense of sadness behind the song as well, as Jun. K sings of memories of his past. The calm R&B ballad is as equally beautiful as it is sadly haunting, creating a sense of comfort in its softness along with the overall melancholic mood.

In a similar vein, the music video holds quite a bit of metaphorical meaning behind the story, told through a man moving out of his house. The video starts off with a mover taking a framed portrait of a couple off of the wall before transitioning into Jun. K walking into presumably the same room filled with boxes. As the video progresses, the main character explores the house as movers take his things out—memories from his life, before the move, with his now presumed ex-girlfriend.

The contrast between the sadness in his expression as the present changes around him in comparison to the happy memories with his ex-girlfriend brings a gloominess to the entire song and music video, complementing Jun. K’s soft and warm vocals and evoking a wide range of emotions that make it very real. The visual of time continuing to press forward even as you stand there unable to move on from the past is incredibly powerful. I found that the music video really added to the depth of the song itself and made it even more compelling.

The Rest of the Album

The remaining tracks on the mini are just as nice as you would expect from a talented artist like Jun. K. The album is titled appropriately as the inspiration for it, as Jun. K states himself, is the idea of telling the different stories of life in his twenties as he approaches thirty. The tracks showcase all the different emotions you experience with time, and showcases quite a bit of maturity on Jun. K’s part.


He features artists Somi, Park Jimin of 15&, and Double K in three separate tracks on the album. “왜” featuring Jimin is my favorite on the album because the two singers mesh very well, making the song truly beautiful. The entire track list contains the smooth and calming soul beat that’s perfect for unwinding after a study session or snuggling up on the couch with some warm tea after a long day—a perfect fit for the season. For those looking for more of a hip-hop vibe, the final track “My Twenties” provides a bit of a different flavor while still fitting with the rest of the album.

Jun. K has once again delivered great music at the perfect time of year. If you’re not familiar with the main vocalist of 2PM, now is the time to get familiar.

Title Score: 8.7/10

Music Video Score: 9.3/10

Album Score: 9.5/10

Overall: 9.16/10

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