Winter Fashion Roundup

Winter Fashion Roundup

With the weather cooling and the holidays fast approaching, there’s no better time to change up your wardrobe and try out some new winter fashion trends! And what better place to find some inspiration than the wardrobes of your favorite K-Pop idols? Let’s take a look at the current trends our favorite idols are wearing that'll be huge for the upcoming winter season.

Thigh High Boots

Seen On: Irene, Red Velvet

These boots, worn by Irene in Red Velvet’s “Peek-a-Boo” music video, add a bold touch to any winter outfit. Although Irene’s boots are a deep cranberry shade of velvet, these boots come in various colors and materials, making it easy to find a pair that suits any outfit. Their tall structure visually elongates the legs while protecting them a little bit more from the cold. Try substituting them for tights with your winter dresses and skirts, or even try wearing them with jeans, shorts, or a statement jumpsuit!


(Faux) Fur

Seen On: Hyelin and Hani, EXID

Big, fuzzy fur coats are a winter favorite, and many idols have rocked them in their music videos and live performances, including Hani and Hyelin in EXID’s “DDD” video. Fur pieces like coats and vests add a touch of drama and luxury to any look while keeping you warm, allowing you to embrace short skirts and sleeveless dresses even in the winter cold! Although some steer clear of fur out of concerns for animal cruelty, many fast fashion brands use faux fur to create their garments, making them more affordable and cruelty-free.

Bomber Jackets

Seen On: Hoshi, SEVENTEEN

Bomber jackets were a hot trend last winter, but this year, they’re back and better than ever! The comfy, oversized jackets can now be found in a wide variety of patterns, colors, and even fabrics—from suede to polyester to satin. There’s a perfect one (or several) out there for everyone, and it’s easy to jazz up a simple outfit by adding a bomber jacket in a unique print or hue. Plus, they’ll keep you warm and cozy! Pair one with a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers for a casual, cool look.

Mixed Textures

Seen On: Members of Red Velvet

This trend doesn’t describe a specific article of clothing, but rather a way of styling them together. Pairing items of different textures and finishes together creates a unique, dimensional look that goes beyond just the colors or cuts of an outfit. Try mixing a sequined top with satin bottoms, or pair a sheer blouse with velvet pants. The combinations are endless, and this method adds an extra level of intrigue to whatever you’re wearing!


Seen On: Nayeon, TWICE

Plaid and checkered fabrics are popular every winter, and this year is no exception. Available in a wide variety of color combinations, there’s a plaid print out there for everyone, and nearly every garment is available in a variation of the classic pattern. The print is simultaneously nostalgic and contemporary, evoking images of the trends of the ‘90s, classic Christmas television specials, or even the grunge scene of the mid-‘80s—it just depends on which plaid garment you choose! Try a plaid skirt or dress this winter, or toss a cozy flannel shirt over your outfit.

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