B-Sides Christmas Special: Soloists

B-Sides Christmas Special: Soloists

The best time of year is here! The holidays have officially begun, and I am constantly in my happy place. Yes, I am one of those super cheery, holiday-obsessed people who gets inexplicably happy during every holiday season. So of course, I will be featuring some of the best Christmas songs K-Pop has to offer, and this final installment features solo releases!

“그냥 한번 (Just Because)” - Baek Ayeon feat. JB of GOT7

This is by far one of my favorite holiday tracks ever. Baek Ayeon and JB’s voices mesh together so well and create such a sense of warmth and peace that I can’t even begin to articulate it properly. The track is soft and perfect for a cold winter night by the fire, eliciting a sense of calm in its chill beat. The track is just completely sweet and perfect, and every listen leaves my heart so full of contentment.

“My Grown Up Christmas List” - Ailee

Famous Korean-American singer Ailee joined the holiday hype with her own single “My Grown Up Christmas List” in 2012. Ailee has a stunning voice, as often showcased in her OST releases, and “My Grown Up Christmas List” reflects this very well. A soft holiday ballad performed by this vocal queen sounds beautiful in English or Korean, and the bilingual singer gives you the option of both!

“Let It Snow” - Taeyeon

Girls’ Generation leader Taeyeon has just made a comeback with a full Christmas mini-album for everyone to enjoy this holiday season. “Let It Snow” is an upbeat and fun carol that ignites joy in the heart with its old-timey jazz melody that reminds us of the famous classic carols. The song blends that jazz sound with a modern pop beat that mixes in perfectly, and Taeyeon’s vocals are no joke either. It’s time to spend This Christmas with Taeyeon!

“The First Noel” - Zhang Li Yin

2011 SM Town winter album The Warmest Gift brought a myriad of holiday treats, from original holiday tracks to remakes of the classics. Zhang Li Yin’s rendition of “The First Noel” is goosebump-inducing. Though she is not active nowadays and recently left SM Entertainment, she left behind a warm and beautiful carol to enjoy for the holidays.

“Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” - Wendy, Jungjae Moon & Lee Nile

Last year as part of the SM Station releases, Wendy of Red Velvet partnered up with Jungjae Moon and Lee Nile, and the trio was featured on the special holiday release “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.” Wendy’s gorgeous vocals flawlessly execute this classic carol both in the beginning ballad portion of the song and the jazzy rendition that follows. This song is truthfully so beautiful that it made me cry. Where are the tissues?

Bonus: “Snowing (베스킨라빈스)” - Urban Zakapa

Alright, I know Urban Zakapa doesn’t qualify as a soloist, but I didn’t quite have the right category to place this co-ed singing group in, so they ended up here. “Snowing (베스킨라빈스)” has the vintage 1940s sound that we all love in our Christmas carols, with the group’s vocals shining through the big-band melody that even features a nice trumpet solo.

It’s been a month full of fantastic holiday pieces, and it’s just a few days until Christmas comes! Remember that we have a playlist put together with all the featured songs for your listening pleasure. Hopefully our choices brighten up your holiday spirit!

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