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Crush Delivers a Gift to His Fans

Crush has had a non-stop year full of collaborations, like FANXY CHILD and Club Eskimo, as well as featuring on numerous tracks and releasing the three-track album Outside. But the R&B heartthrob is not done yet. Before the end of 2017 drew to a close, Crush released a single dedicated to his fans.

“내 편이 돼 줘 (Be By My Side)” is everything we need right now. It’s soft, smooth, and sentimental. The artist samples the song “Brazilian Rhyme,” a classic from 1970s band Earth, Wind & Fire, and weaves it into his song creatively. Crush combines his fun hip-hop style seen in his summer tracks with his iconic ballad style seen in past hits. The result is a slow R&B track with a nostalgic piano melody. The jazz influence of the drums and brass instruments suits the mood of the season perfectly, but the true highlight of the song is Crush’s outstanding vocals. It’s no secret that Crush is beloved for his unique and buttery smooth timbre; each note he sings sounds heavenly, and it’s the kind of calming sound that just makes you feel that much better.

The music video isn’t complicated; it’s in its simplicity that it touches fans’ heartstrings. It opens with Crush talking about the song, how it is for his fans, while he plays the melody on piano. His words touch the hearts of his fans, as he talks about how happy and fulfilled they make him feel. Then the studio version begins to play alongside videos of Crush making the song, and then clips of him and staff preparing for his live show. It’s a reflection on the year that’s passed, and yes, his infamous dog Doyou makes an appearance. It ends heartwarmingly, as the studio version cuts off and instead live shots of Crush performing on stage take over. Clips of Crush tearing up at the end of his concert is enough to make anyone feel melancholic.

The video and song are beautiful presents to his fans. We can’t thank Crush enough for this thoughtful gift at this moment in time, and we can promise that we will continue to be by his side for years to come.