December Community Highlight: Fresh Baon

December Community Highlight: Fresh Baon

December is finally here and The Kraze is once again highlighting another talented group of individuals in the Hallyu community. This month we had the opportunity to interview and collaborate with Fresh Baon! Hailing from Canada, we had the chance to get to know Justin, Jason, Raph, and Cedrick from Fresh Baon and to talk to them about their growing YouTube channel! From reactions to funny skits and challenges, this group of YouTubers has garnered a following of over 67,000 subscribers. To add, Fresh Baon is also featured in the December issue of The Kraze magazine! Keep reading for more! 

Q1: How did Fresh Baon start on YouTube?

Justin (JT): I was very into K-Pop back in 2010 and I always wanted to start a channel. I had a dance crew with Cedrick in 2014. It all started on a phone call and we were just like, “Wanna start a YouTube channel? React to K-Pop? What would we call it?”

Cedrick (C): Well my last name is Baon, so why not call it “Fresh Baon?” Like a fresh meal or fresh K-Pop meal?

JT: Exactly. So that’s what stuck. We just kept making videos and then Raph and Jason came and that’s how it came to be.”

Q2: Of all the YouTube videos that you have done thus far, what has been your favorite video that you have recorded?

Jason (J): I think my favorites have to be the BTS versus EXO video, our lowkey skit, and our “Papapoo” music video parody because those were a lot of fun.

Raph (R): I think for me, my favorite video would have to be when we did the spicy noodle challenge. I really enjoy doing those kind of challenges with these guys. You can tell from the video that we had fun.

C: It would probably be TWICE’s “Like Ooh Ahh” reaction. It was really fun to react to it when they were rookies. The song was super fun.

J: Mine would have to be BTS’s “Dope” because I think we weren’t prepared and were so surprised. We are BTS fans but we weren’t as big of fans yet. We weren’t ARMYs until after [we watched the music video]. We were just blown away.

R: It’s actually one of our highest viewed and liked videos.

Q3: If you could collaborate with any YouTuber or K-Pop idol, who would you collaborate with and what type of content would it be?

JT: I would personally pick Ryan Higa because I’ve been a fan of his content for a long time. He is one of the influencers of this channel. If it were to be a video, it would be related to BgA.

R: I would wanna do a collab with Eunji from Apink and the type of video that we would make would be a meokbang. I just want to have a meal with her. She seems like a really funny and adorable person.

C: I wanna say Heechul (Super Junior). If I could actually speak Korean, interviewing him would be so interesting if he was pretty honest. All of the jokes he makes (especially in Knowing Brothers) are so funny. But I would either create a skit with him or do an interview with Heechul.

To see the full interview with Fresh Baon, check out the December issue of The Kraze where we get to know more about the members and their channel! A very special and big thank you to Fresh Baon for the opportunity to let us interview them and for being the December Community Highlight! Don’t forget to subscribe to Fresh Baon and follow the crew on their social media!

Individual Instagram Accounts

Justin Santos: @JustinCSantos
Raphael Lim : @rjetro
Cedrick Baon: @cxedric.b
Jason Nguyen: @jasonnnnguyen
Annie Nguyen: @anniemay13_
Zach Bapes: @Zachbapes

Fresh Baon Social Media

Facebook: FreshBaon
Twitter: @FreshBaon
Instagram: @FreshBaon
Snapchat: FreshBaon

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