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Curl Up with a Cup of Zion.T

King of sentimental and cool, Zion.T has delivered fans one last track before the year comes to an end. Featuring Lee Moonsae and beloved Reply 1988 and Fight My Way actor Ahn Jaehong, “눈 (SNOW)” is the perfect winter ballad.

The Song

The song is reminiscent of the iconic “양화대교,” as it carries a similar slow, jazz melody. Zion.T proves once again that the simplest of lyrics can be the most heartwarming: “창밖에 눈이 와요. 어제 우리 말한대로. 차를 한잔 내려드릴게요” (It’s snowing outside the window, as we said yesterday, I will give you a cup of tea).

The song speaks of wishing to wake up to a world covered in snow and wishing for your companion to stay by your side while you both wait for it to snow. The idea is so simple, even mundane, but it is in this re-telling of the simplicity of everyday life where the song captures feeling. The track sounds nostalgic to listeners for various reasons: the story of being with a lover, the eagerness for winter to sprinkle its snow for the first time, the warmth of drinking tea on a cold day. These simple things make “눈 (SNOW)” a beautiful track to curl up to this winter.

The Story

The music video is much like a mini-movie. It’s cinematically stunning and the story behind it is touching. Suitably, Ahn Jaehong is the star. Opening up with Jahong eating an egg and witnessing a crowd of fans following Zion.T as he checks into a fancy hotel, we are given just the story, without the song. Jaehong approaches the front desk of this high-end hotel after Zion.T and pitifully pulls out every single penny he has, just to rent an expensive penthouse room for one night. This is when the melancholic music begins, as Jaehong, with his humble little luggage, explores the lavish room.

The scene continues as Jaehong removes a box from the luggage that holds girls’ clothes. He puts the clothes on a coat rack, dressing it so that it looks like a woman. Then, peculiarly, he begins to ballroom dance with it. Just when you think this poor man has lost his mind, the scene flows beautifully into a new one, where a woman now waltzes with him in the same clothes. After their dance, they spend the night together, falling asleep side by side as snow begins to fall. When Jaehong wakes up, the woman is gone, but he does not seemed surprised by her absence. Lastly, we see him write the words “2001일, 우리 약속처럼 눈이 왔다” (On the 2001st day, like our promise, it snowed) on the back of an old photo of the couple.

Many who have seen the video think that Jaehong does all of this for his deceased girlfriend, whom he met 2001 days ago. She visits him as a ghost, or just as his imagination, and dances the waltz with him as it snows. Like the song, the story is simple and yet incredibly heartwarming and sincere.

Overall, while only one short song of 3 minutes and 53 seconds, “눈 (SNOW)” will make anyone wish for the snow to fall endlessly this winter.