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B-Sides Christmas Special: The Girls

My favorite time of the year is here! The holidays have officially begun, and I am constantly in my happy place. Yes, I am one of those super cheery, holiday obsessed people who gets inexplicably happy every holiday season. So of course, I will be featuring some of the best Christmas songs K-Pop has to offer, and this week, I’m featuring the girls!

“Dear Santa” - Girls’ Generation-TTS

Sub-unit of legendary girl group Girls’ Generation, Girls’ Generation-TTS (composed of leader Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun) is one of the most legendary girl group producers of holiday tracks. “Dear Santa” is a classic go-to for the holidays and keeps the listener intrigued; the song starts as a soft ballad that accentuates the vocals of the three talented girls before picking up pace and becoming your happy-go-lucky cheery track that brings joy to your heart.

“12시 25분 (Wish List)” - f(x)

It’s been a long two years since f(x) last graced the K-Pop scene, which feels almost wrong after all they have accomplished. It feels wrong to not include them, so “12시 25분 (Wish List)” secures a place on our list. The song mixes f(x)’s EDM influences with traditional Christmas carol sounds, creating another perfect mashup of modern and traditional. This is one of the songs you could definitely get away with playing at Christmas dinner without your family suspecting that it’s K-Pop. And if you’re anything like me, that’s your aim during the holidays.

“화이트 (White)” - Oh My Girl

WM Entertainment girl group Oh My Girl took a different approach to the holidays last year with the release of their holiday album White, the entire album featuring M Tyson. The album has a reggae feel to it, and title track “화이트 (White)” especially showcases the contrast. While many don’t think of mixing a genre that generally reminds you of tropical weather with the holidays, the contrast is quite refreshing and makes Oh My Girl stand out amongst other artists releasing holiday tracks. If you want a groovier holiday, definitely add White to your playlist!

“Love Love Love” - After School

We’re bouncing back with Pledis Entertainment’s biggest girl group hit, After School! “Love Love Love” has your traditional, cheery holiday pep in its melody, speaking of the atmosphere of love during the season. While the music video appears to be depressing at the beginning, it quickly gains a happy ending that leaves your heart full from the turn of events. “Love Love Love” is certainly a classic carol to add to your holiday list!

“Best Christmas Ever” - Wonder Girls

Our final selection delves into JYP Entertainment former super group Wonder Girls, back to a release that came out in America. “Best Christmas Ever” is a track sung completely in English, during the time the girls were releasing music in the West. If you could get away with playing f(x) amongst other pop songs, “Best Christmas Ever” wouldn’t even be questioned as K-Pop within your playlist. Still, the talent of Wonder Girls deserves recognition, and the girls certainly deserve to be listed with fellow legendary girl groups this Christmas.