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HyunA Releases Unapologetically Sexy Single, “Lip & Hip”

HyunA brings the heat back this winter with her single, “Lip & Hip.” The singer released her latest single with a funky and very not-suited-for-little-children sexy music video filled with bright colors on December 4. Prior to the official release of her single, those who were able to attend and/or watch the 2017 MelOn Music Awards on the 2nd were able to see HyunA perform her new single live. It comes as no surprise that the singer would release another risqué and sexy song, and “Lip & Hip” will surely have you shook.

The Music Video

For those who have been following HyunA for quite some time, you may know that the singer is known for her sexy concepts. She is often dubbed the next Lee Hyori of her generation in K-Pop, and it can definitely be seen as she confidently works the stage with not only her visuals but her rapping, singing, and dancing skills as well. HyunA is not afraid to bring out these more mature and sexy themes, challenging the industry to prove that it’s not always about the cute and girly concepts. In particular, the music video for “Lip & Hip” features the female idol flaunting what makes her confident, her hips and lips. Throughout the the music video, there are various moments where hips and lips are displayed, whether it be from the idol herself, the backup dancers, or props scattered throughout the sets. Beware of the several sexual innuendos that do occur throughout the music video, again proving that this music video is surely not meant for children. While there are several innuendos scattered throughout the video, it is done in a humorous and clever way, making you do a double-take to make sure that you saw it correctly. That aside, the music video offers a psychedelic vibe with the use of such bright and contrasting colors with the addition of CG effects, all that is right up HyunA’s alley of signature music videos.

Warning: Music video is not suitable for ages below 15

The Song

HyunA never fails to bring an addictive and catchy track with every comeback. “Lip & Hip” is another song that is sure to get stuck in your head. Like all her previously released tracks, this is a funky dance track that starts off at a moderate pace and later picks up in the chorus, making use of the repetition of “lips” and “hips.” The lyrics of the song show HyunA is feeling confident and sexy, wanting to charm the person she is interested in, especially with the appeal of her hips and lips. What adds to the unique charm of this catchy track is also the use of the bottle “pop” noise that is used as an accent throughout the song, giving it a refreshing, summery vibe. While it is currently winter, “Lip & Hip” is a perfect song that can heat things up thanks to its upbeat tones.

Once again HyunA has released a song and music video that will have everyone talking. HyunA is not afraid to release such a bold type of music video, and she pulls it off with flying colors. This release is very much a signature HyunA style that long-time fans have know and love. HyunA confidently owns this hot track, and it is well-worth the listen.

"Lip & Hip" Title Track Score: 9/10
Music Video Score: 9/10

Overall: 9/10