Throwback Thursday: Staff Picks Part 4

Throwback Thursday: Staff Picks Part 4

Throwback Thursday is back once again to usher in yet another wave of nostalgia, this time with a list of classic favorites. This week the staff at The Kraze are voicing some of the picks they’d like featured for this Throwback Thursday! Get ready for a blast from the past as we look at some of The Kraze staff picks. Let’s see what songs they chose!

“Haru Haru” - BIGBANG

Sabria, Editor & Artist

Considered one of the first songs that shot BIGBANG up to stardom, “Haru Haru” makes this week’s list for Throwback Thursday! Prepare your feels as this song focuses on heartbreak and the music video features young, baby-faced BIGBANG. “Haru Haru” was released in 2008, and next year will be 10 years since the release of the song and music video. Here’s what Sabria had to say about her pick down below!

Sabria: “This is the song that got me into K-Pop, a song that tells of a timeless tragedy. In my 10 years of life (at the time), I had never seen something so raw and so hauntingly beautiful. Leading from the success of ‘Lies’ it is also the album that launched BIGBANG into the path of fame. This is a song I will never forget, the song that emotionally connected me to K-Pop, showing no signs of letting go.”

“Please Don’t” - K.Will

Nawara, Writer

Need another song and music video that will hit you right in the feels? Released in 2012, K.Will’s “Please Don’t” has garnered over 37 million views thanks to its heart-wrenching plot. Spoiler warning: You may just need a pillow and some tissues as you watch this emotional ballad play out. Here’s what Nawara had to say about K.Will’s “Please Don’t.”

Nawara: “Many times, a song is not thought of as anything other than a song. K.Will's ‘Please Don't’ will completely change the way any song in the near future is heard. At first listen as you watch the music video, you assume that it is your typical sad song with heartbreak where the person you love marries another. While Taeyang's ‘Wedding Dress’ is exactly as you may assume, K.Will's music video will do just that but in a completely different scenario. Don't get it? Check out the music video to experience a whole disarray of feels.”

“Fantasy” - VIXX

Haley, Marketing Director

Last but certainly not least, VIXX finishes off this week’s Throwback Thursday with their hit track “Fantasy.” This was part of the idol group’s trilogy that they released last year and is true to their signature dark-themed concepts. Check out what Haley had to say about why she chose this particular song for Throwback Thursday!

Haley: “This is a no-brainer for me. Though ‘Fantasy’ was only released just over a year ago, it's the only release that's ever managed to make such an impact on me. VIXX is always impressive with whatever they send out into the world, but ‘Fantasy’ was so different and unique, using the group's talents in an eerily dark and complex way, that it just stuck with me. As if the song wasn't amazing enough, the music video that accompanies it is a dream come true. It's mysterious, but the aesthetic always manages to trigger my muse.”

That’s a wrap for this week’s Throwback Thursday! Next week will be the conclusion of Staff Picks for Throwback Thursday! Tune back in as we bring you another list of nostalgic hits!

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