June K-Pop Community Highlight: Roseann of B2utifulRoses

June K-Pop Community Highlight: Roseann of B2utifulRoses

Each month, The Kraze is spotlighting individuals in the K-Pop/Hallyu community! This month’s K-Pop Community Highlight features Roseann from the YouTube channel B2utifulRoses. Roseann is based out of New York, with content including K-Pop reactions and vlogs. Roseann also runs her channel with her best friend Katrina, who is currently on hiatus. Together, they both bring us the channel B2utifulRoses! Roseann and her channel currently have over 1,100 subscribers, and she is working hard to bring new content for her viewers. The Kraze had the opportunity to sit down and talk with Roseann for an exclusive interview about her, her channel, and her love for K-Pop!

Q1: When did you get into K-Pop?

A: I got into K-Pop around late 2011, right around the time of the Mnet Asian Music Awards. It started out of sheer curiosity because I had friends who were into K-Pop, and they would engage in conversation about it, but I didn’t know what they were talking about. Randomly, I asked them about a song that they were talking about, and so I looked it up and became immediately hooked.

Q2: What were some of the first artists or songs that you listened to?

A: The song that got me into K-Pop was “Shock” by BEAST (now known as Highlight) and after listening to it, I liked the sound, especially the chorus. The chorus, to me, was catchy. So this led me to listening to the second song, which was “Beautiful” (also by BEAST). That was when I realized that this was a brand new thing that I was into, and probably wouldn’t be getting out of anytime soon.

Q3: What made you decide to start a YouTube channel? More specifically, a K-Pop YouTube channel?

A: I had seen other reactors doing it, and I figured I would try it. At first I felt like, “I would probably be really awkward by myself,” so I had my friend alongside me and it came out pretty funny, in my opinion. After that, I saw that this was kind of fun. So that’s when I started doing more, and the more that I did it, the more that I had fun with it.

Q4: Who are some of your favorite K-Pop/Hallyu-centered YouTubers/channels?

A: I’ve been following JREKML and watching their videos. I’ve also watched freshlyFLIPPED (also known as Patrick Villarin), K-Spazzing, and 2MinJinkJongKey. Basically a lot of the first K-Pop/Hallyu content creators.

Q5: What advice would you give to people who are interested in becoming a K-Pop YouTuber/content creator?

A: If you really enjoy making videos and reacting to things, that is totally fine. In a way, you are expressing your love for K-Pop, not only to other people in the K-Pop community, but you [also] never know who could be watching your reaction videos. My advice would be to just be yourself. I know a bunch of other YouTubers say this, but I cannot stress enough how true that is. Just be yourself. If people leave you hate comments, then it’s fine. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to like you, but there are still people who will like you for who you are, and that’s all that matters. Pay attention to the positive and don’t dwell so much on the negative!

Q6: Any future plans in store for your channel?

A: It’s kind of hard to say because I have been inactive due to personal reasons. I really want to do more reactions and have different content aside from reactions on my channel. I have all these ideas that I have in mind (DIYs, dance and singing covers). I really hope to have more collaborations in the K-Pop community. I’m currently working on a collaboration video… and it will be out soon!

Q7: I heard that you are going to KCON NY, and with the event right around the corner, who are you most excited to see amongst the lineup, the panels, and the booths that will be there?

A: I am most excited to see Highlight in the KCON lineup. When they were more formerly known as BEAST, they were the first K-Pop group that I got into. I have always wanted to see them in concert, and I’m finally going to see the group that got me into K-Pop. As for panelists, I am very excited to see Kevin Woo (former U-KISS member) as he is my ultimate bias. I probably won’t be okay because I’m super excited to see him. I am also excited to see 1Million Dance Crew as I have been a fan for a while now.

Q8: Lastly, is there anything you want to tell readers of The Kraze about you or your channel? Any other comments about K-Pop?

A: Even though I may be a small channel, I’m a fun person (or at least I hope [so], because a lot of people have told me I am). I am sorry for the large amount of inactivity on my channel, because life just happens to get in the way! What’s pretty cool about K-Pop is that you have people from different parts of the world, and even though there is a language barrier, there is still a common interest for the love of music and culture. K-Pop is such a nice thing, aside from the occasional negativity that happens within the fandom.

Lightning Round!

Q: Produce 101 or Kpop Star?

A: Produce 101

Q: Goblin or Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo?

A: Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo

Q: Running Man or Hello Counselor?

A: Running Man, for sure.

Q: Kim Soohyun or Lee Jongsuk?

A: Lee Jongsuk

Q: Cameo in a K-Pop music video or cameo on a K-Drama?

A: Cameo in a K-Pop music video, because I know I cannot act for the life of me.

Q: Name your favorite K-Pop release of 2017 thus far.

A: B.A.P’s “Wake Me Up”

Q: A date with Kevin (former member of U-KISS) or lifetime passes to ALL U-KISS events?

A: How could you do this to me?! I have to pick a date with Kevin.

A very special big thanks to Roseann of the YouTube channel B2utifulRoses for taking time out of her day to do this special and exclusive interview for The Kraze. Make sure to check her out on all her social media, if you haven’t already, and subscribe to her channel!

Follow Roseann & B2utifulRoses!

Twitter: @roxstarRose; @k_ttae

Instagram: @b2utifulroses

YouTube Channel: B2utifulRoses

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