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SEVENTEEN “Don’t Wanna Cry” This Comeback

Ready for a new sound from SEVENTEEN?

On May 22, the beloved 13-member group, SEVENTEEN, came back with their fourth mini-album Al1. Al1 stands for “alone,” which is an interesting and new concept for the group's mini-album. The album is equipped with six tracks, with “울고 싶지 않아 Don’t Wanna Cry” being the title track. There are two additional songs that are exclusive to the physical album only. SEVENTEEN has taken a step away from their usual title track recipe and has instead experimented with new sounds and styles.

(Source: Pledis Entertainment)

The title track was a bit of a shock for Carats, as it was very different from the signature SEVENTEEN sound seen through title tracks like “아주 NICE” and “BOOMBOOM.” The song is slower and softer without the insane energy and punch heard in previous tracks. It slowly builds up to an EDM-influenced chorus. The vocals are all quite soft and uplifting as they repeat the refrain of “울고 싶지 않아!” The song reminds me and others of a Western track, especially because of the EDM sounds and repeated refrain throughout the chorus.

While not as musically impressive as their older tracks, there is still something about it that pulls you in. Maybe it’s the uniqueness of EDM in the K-Pop scene, or maybe it’s the rap-line’s vocals finally shining (yes, that means S.Coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, and Vernon actually sing). Whatever it is, it has proven to be a successful title track for the group. The music video does not carry a story like their older music videos but instead puts emphasis on the choreography, which is quite impressive (as always). Instead of a bubbly and fun dance, SEVENTEEN shows just how cool, calm, and collected they can be.

(Source: Pledis Entertainment)

The rest of the album has proven to be just as strong as their previous albums, perhaps even more so. Al1 is full of emotional, fun, and powerful tracks, and they all connect together with that Westernized, EDM-influenced sound heard in “울고 싶지 않아 Don’t Wanna Cry.” There are sub-unit tracks included, and also a duet from Jun and The8.

SEVENTEEN “don’t wanna cry,” and they sure haven’t this time around as they have earned six music show wins so far! If that wasn’t enough for them, this album has sold the most physical copies ever for SEVENTEEN!

Check out SEVENTEEN’s performance of “울고 싶지 않아 Don’t Wanna Cry” on Show Champion!