Stellar Female Solos

Stellar Female Solos

K-Pop artists are always providing us with quality comebacks, but sometimes amazing tracks slip through the cracks among the mass amount of content they provide. B-Side Tracks highlights some of the best songs that didn’t get promoted by their artists in hopes of providing more quality music to check out! Today we will look at some of the best album tracks put out by solo female artists.

HyunA featuring Yuk Jidam - “Ice Ice”

From HyunA’s 2015 mini-album A+ comes the track “Ice Ice” that features rapper Yuk Jidam, known for her appearance on Show Me The Money 3 and the first series of Unpretty Rapstar. As expected from a track between two rappers, the song is energetic and intense: a true hip-hop track that can be enjoyed even by those who aren’t into K-Pop. The fiery track is guaranteed to get fans up and moving from the moment the beat drops.

HyunA performed the track live for a special comeback stage on one occasion, featuring MAMAMOO’s maknae rapper Hwasa in place of Yuk Jidam. Talk about a hype collaboration!

HyunA featuring Hanhae - “Wolf”

From her most recent mini-album, A’wesome, comes the track featuring rapper Jung Hanhae from hip-hop trio Phantom. The song is a mellow R&B track that has HyunA and Hanhae conversing with each other via the lyrics, with each artist professing their mutual devotion toward their counterpart. It’s very different from the usual hard-hitting songs that HyunA chooses to feature during her promotions, but it highlights the vocal talent of both herself and her male partner. The chill rhythm and sweet lyrics are enough to hypnotize anyone.

Hyolyn - “꺼져 (Go Away)”

Hyolyn just recently had her solo debut with her mini-album IT’S ME. The mini itself is a very good listen, but a certain track stands out from among others. The track “꺼져 (Go Away)” encompasses a slow blues-like beat that showcases her singing prowess amidst very angsty lyrics that portray deep emotional pain in the form of anger. The song, which is further emphasized by her gorgeous voice and strong lyrics, is incredibly cathartic for anyone who has felt these intense emotions. The song is a gem amongst the other brilliant pieces on her first solo album.

Suran - “Wine”

Though many consider Suran’s release of the song “Wine” to be a mainstay in her recently released first mini-album, the attention surrounding it was a result of the news that the song was produced by none other than BTS’s Suga. Previously, she worked with Suga on the track “So Far Away” from his first mixtape released under the name Agust D. Despite not being a promoted song, it still gained considerable attention not just for Suga’s participation in it, but because of the track’s captivating smoothness. The song features rapper Changmo alongside Suran, complementing her unique indie style of singing along with the stellar beat. The refreshing track has a perfect relaxing summer vibe to it.

Yezi - “쎄쎄쎄”

If hard-hitting hip-hop is your thing, then main rapper and maknae of Fiestar, Yezi, is your girl. Contrary to the usual concepts her group manifests, she became well-known as an intense, rough, and talented rapper after appearing on Unpretty Rapstar 2. Her solo debut mini-album, Foresight Dream, is full of fiery and passionate rap tracks, but “쎄쎄쎄” stands out for its intense beat, among other things. The track also features fellow female rappers Gilme, Kitti B, and Ahn Soomin. If you like your female rappers tough and unrelenting alongside heavy power anthems, then look no further.

LUNA - “Breathe”

f(x) member Luna made her solo debut just under a year ago with her first mini-album, Free Somebody. Unlike the title track, “Breathe” is a slow R&B track that showcases Luna’s stunning vocals. Soft ballads tend to lose the spotlight when pitted against pop tracks, but this soothing and optimistic track should not be overlooked amongst the great production of her solo album.

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