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Though MOMOLAND debuted in November, many have already been following the group through their reality show, Finding Momoland. Through this show, viewers were able to watch 10 trainees battle it out to become part of Duble Kick’s final female group. Similar to SIXTEEN, the company trainees were split into teams and performed on stage each week. Speaking of SIXTEEN, TWICE’s Momo visited trainee Daisy, as they used to train together at JYP Entertainment. Momo’s visit on the show gained attention from fans, with many eventually taking interest in the show. In the end, a total of seven members were confirmed for the group line-up, including Hyebin, Nancy, Nayoon, Ahin, Jooyi, and Yeonwoo, with final member Jane being the public vote.

(Source: Duble Kick)

Finding Momoland was criticized due to its harsh rules, which included the members’ last mission. The potential members of MOMOLAND were asked to gather 3,000 people for their final mission and perform two songs that would appear on their debut album. Unfortunately, the members only succeeded in gathering 2300 fans (though still impressive for a pre-debut), and Duble Kick delayed their official debut. Fortunately, the group continued its training and performed at a variety of festivals, gaining new fans every day. MOMOLAND also achieved their financial goal on Makestar (a funding page) with fans donating towards the official debut. Seeing this, Duble Kick finally allowed MOMOLAND to debut in November of 2016.

On November 10, MOMOLAND made their debut with title track "JJan! Koong! Kwang!" (sounds odd, but it’s catchy) and mini-album, titled Welcome to MOMOLAND. MOMOLAND’s debut wasn't as successful as they would have liked it to be, but they had many surprises still to come. Leading up to their first comeback, MOMOLAND introduced two new members: eliminated trainee Daisy and Produce 101 contestant Kim Taeha. On April 25, MOMOLAND made their comeback with “Wonderful Love,” which included a lot of “dabbing” (I mean, a lot of dabbing). “Wonderful Love” was a burst of energy and full of happiness, yet the dabbing seemed to be randomly placed, though possibly to attract viewers? Either way, it grabbed the attention of audiences and created mixed reactions. It was also a lot to take in, what with new members already appearing in the newly debuted group.

(Source: Duble Kick)

For some reason, MOMOLAND wasn’t retaining the success they had previously achieved prior to their debut (popularity wise), but the group wasn't finished yet. Now, why am I talking about MOMOLAND in June? This is because they are switching things up with the re-release of the “Wonderful Love” EDM version. It’s an unusual step to take, yet a brave move on MOMOLAND’s part. This is the first time MOMOLAND is experimenting with EDM, but it’s the perfect way to welcome the summer months. The choreography has also changed, with the group adding some interesting dance moves that are certainly eye-catching, to say the least. The EDM version also introduces a dance break along with a powerful club vibe. This version is super fun and will keep you dancing ‘til the end. It also seems MOMOLAND is having a lot of fun on stage, as they are promoting the EDM version on music shows. The song itself isn't doing too poorly on the charts, with most people wanting to watch the performance due to the choreography.

Joking aside, MOMOLAND is an extremely hard-working group that has already had to prove to their company multiple times that they can be successful. From competing on a reality show in front of thousands of viewers, to having their debut delayed due to “poor turnout,” it’s like they can’t catch a break. It seems MOMOLAND will stop at nothing to gain recognition, which is truly admirable. You should definitely check out both versions of “Wonderful Love” and see which one you prefer.