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The Fashion Behind “Why Don’t You Know”

On June 6, solo artist Kim Chungha made her official debut with title track “Why Don’t You Know,” a catchy and upbeat love song perfect for the season. While Chungha is perhaps best known for being a former member of girl group I.O.I, the fashion featured in her debut video takes a step away from the typical uniformity of girl group stage outfits. Without the need to coordinate with others sharing the stage or worry about standing out more than anyone else, Chungha now takes on a somewhat more mature yet trendy appearance that matches the summery feeling of the title track.

In the music video, Chungha is mostly seen in three different outfits, variations of which she usually wears for live performances.

While all three outfits are unique, they all blend classic summer styles with more contemporary trends. In the first outfit, Chungha puts a twist on the denim jacket and cutoff shorts by pairing these closet essentials with a cropped tank top and light blue fishnet bodysuit, adding an edgy touch to the gentle blue color scheme of the look. The loose, cropped denim jacket with a bandana panel in the lower back also puts a twist on the classic summer silhouette. She tops this look off with coordinating accessories—her bandana belt and sunglasses— which help to tie the look together even more.

The first look is somewhat replicated in the second outfit. However, she trades in her denim jacket for a loose, long-sleeved crop top and coordinating sports bra with a statement band underneath, replicating the recent trend of showing off brand names or words on the bands of clothing. Once again, Chungha pairs baggy, carefree pieces on top with more fitted pieces everywhere else, this time opting for a tighter fishnet pattern and a bolder color scheme with more contrast.

The third outfit varies more from the first and second, yet still features an oversized piece of some kind paired with a more fitted outfit underneath. This time, Chungha wears fitted black shorts with rivets along the sides and a fitted black crop top, letting her accessories be the focal point of her outfit. Her layered statement necklace and dangling leaf earrings lend a bold, yet elegant, touch to the outfit. These pair well with her statement shawl, featuring a colorful, eye-catching print and flowy cut that complement the rest of her outfit well.

Overall, Chungha’s styling in the video aims to create a breezy and eclectic image, one that distinguishes her as a true soloist in spite of her previous fame as a member of I.O.I. Additionally, these looks help set the scene for the video itself, matching its upbeat and colorful nature. If you would like to replicate any of these looks, keep an eye out for loose statement pieces you can pair with more fitted ones, color-coordinated accessories, and maybe even a pair of fishnet tights or a bodysuit! Most of all, don’t forget to relax and have fun with it. It is summer, after all!