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Quick Take: Park Choa Leaves AOA?

Late Thursday night, AOA’s Park Choa announced on Instagram that she would be leaving the group. In the post, Choa cited health concerns like insomnia and depression as the main factors for why she decided to leave the group, stating that she’d been struggling with them for a while. FNC Entertainment announced within an hour that nothing about Choa’s departure had been confirmed, but the company’s vague statement didn’t really give AOA fans hope that the group’s main vocalist would be sticking around.

Some of our staff here at The Kraze took a moment to reflect on the news. What do you think of Choa’s decision? Let us know in the comments below.

Roxanne Wilson

It's natural for rumors to fly around the Internet when a member of a well known group takes an extended break from group activities, but it is truly heartbreaking when those rumors become true. It seems like all the legendary girl groups are falling off the face of the planet lately, or experiencing some sort of problems within their companies. While it saddens me to see this pattern continue, I’m also very concerned for Choa’s mental health. The state of mental health treatment in the idol industry is truly baffling, and I hope that Choa will take the rest she needs and focus on recovering from her depression.

Can someone please protect my girls and their health? This is getting ridiculous.

Haley Whisennand

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know a whole lot about girl groups. Especially compared to my wide array of useless boy group knowledge, I’m basically girl group illiterate. However, Choa was the one AOA member that seemed to stand out among the rest for me. Maybe it’s because a super short bob in platinum blonde isn’t exactly something you see every day in K-Pop, let alone across multiple comebacks. Whatever the reason, it’s really sad to hear that she’s been struggling to the point to where she feels it’s better to just leave the group entirely. That much constant, unrelenting stress wouldn’t be good for anyone.

While it’s always sad to see someone leaving a group, I’m glad she’s putting her health first in this situation. Mental health is something that really gets under-prioritized in South Korea, so seeing her be so upfront about her struggles with depression and insomnia is brave and refreshing, in my book. The departure will no doubt make AOA’s immediate future as a group a little more difficult, but I think that if these health issues have truly gotten to the point where leaving the group is a serious option, then it’s probably the best route for everyone.

Savanah Fita

It's a bad time for girl group fans lately. While it’s been rumored for a while now, it is always a shock when someone leaves a group. Especially someone like Choa, who always stood out to me. There is a lot of confusion going around about whether she is actually leaving or not. Either way, I hope Choa works toward feeling better. Insomnia and depression is a dangerous mix, and no one can work to the best of their abilities when something so draining is affecting them. While it's upsetting to lose someone from a beloved group, it's clear that this wasn't an easy decision. Especially being the oldest member, Choa must have had a lot of stress and pressure on her shoulders. I sincerely hope that she does leave the group, just because no one should continue doing something that is causing them to suffer. I hope she moves towards a better, happier, and healthier future. I also hope AOA and fans understand and continue to support each other.

Atlanta Doherty Brophy

Although I thought Choa would leave AOA, it saddens me that she is in a dark place. I have been following AOA since their debut, constantly impressed with their releases. Choa stood out to me, not only due to her blonde hair, but her extraordinary voice as well. She made AOA songs stand out, so it's hard to believe I won't hear her voice alongside her fellow members again. Choa is extremely brave, and I hope she finds happiness in her personal life. I will still continue to support AOA. I'm curious to see how they will continue on and if their music will change. This is just another example that idols don't have it all.

Heba Emad

We’ve been receiving a lot of bad news about girl groups disbanding and members leaving recently. Today, I woke up to even more shocking news: Choa is leaving AOA. I was so surprised, especially since the group's last comeback was a such a success! And now, FNC is saying it's not official yet? Like WHAT!