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ASTRO Calls You “Baby” in Their Latest Colorful Comeback

After wrapping up their seasonal series this past year, Fantagio’s boy group ASTRO is working as hard as always, coming back with their fourth mini-album titled Dream Part. 01. The album was released on May 29 and consists of eight tracks in total, including the title song “Baby,” which has since been nominated for first place on a music show.

Ahead of the album release, the highlight medley was posted for fans, which built up anticipation for the group’s comeback. The songs ranged from their signature bright and energetic tunes to heartfelt croons. As per the previous albums, members Rocky and JinJin also participated in writing the lyrics for every single track on Dream Part. 01. Furthermore, the group has revealed two versions for their album this time around: day and night. The teasers and tracklist also sparked the interest of many fans, as the tracklist was formatted as a menu. All three sets of teaser photos had very different vibes, from the group’s usual bright concept to a more toned-down, dreamy look.

“Baby” is a song about the emotions that a boy feels after falling completely head over heels for a girl. He’s trying to figure out what the girl’s intentions are, wondering whether her dreams are the same as his. The lyrics describe the boy’s heart that’s overflowing with the love he has for the girl, comparing such emotions to dynamite that’s about to explode and a feeling that can’t be helped. The members’ vocals bring a cheerful, bubbly, and bright vibe—a trademark of ASTRO—to the song, with an electronic fusion that adds to the track’s addictiveness. Fans are in for a little surprise as the group has taken on a slightly different sound, working with CODE 9, a different producer from their past albums, for their title track “Baby.” However, the song remains much like ASTRO’s previous releases: catchy and addictive.

In the music video for “Baby” that was released at the same time as the album, the six members of ASTRO set up a small juice shop called D.Store, which can be assumed to stand for “Dream Store,” as illustrated on the album cover. The members are each associated with a different color, and the setting of their cuts reflect that color. The music video has garnered much attention because of its fun vibe and adorable charms, with the video showcasing popping colors that match ASTRO’s bright expressions and parts of the video filmed in the perspective of the viewer as we are invited into the group’s store. The scenes transition from highlighting the song’s choreography to the members enjoying themselves in adjacent rooms of their respective color. On top of their official music video for “Baby,” the group also released a fun performance version of the song a week later which satisfied fans who enjoy their synchronized choreography.

With consistently catchy releases, ASTRO has been receiving attention from overseas outlets as well, with Billboard naming the group as one of the best new K-Pop groups of 2016. We can certainly look forward to what the group has yet to bring in the future as they continue display their talents through their releases.