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MONSTA X Returns to the Spotlight with Shine Forever

Three months after the release of their most recent hit “아름다워 (Beautiful),” MONSTA X has come back with a repackaged album of The Clan 2.5: The Final Chapter. Shine Forever features two new tracks alongside the original album’s discography.

The title track “SHINE FOREVER” follows the formula we’ve come to know and love from MONSTA X: an intense backing dance beat complemented by powerful raps from maknae members Jooheon and I.M. and stunning vocals from the rest of the members. The track features main vocalist Kihyun more than previous releases, giving his talents a chance to truly shine. The song is also complemented by a gorgeous choreography that the boys execute flawlessly in live performances.

“GRAVITY,” the second new track on the repackage, contrasts nicely with the hard beat of “SHINE FOREVER.” The song offers a chill R&B beat that reminds you of a warm and sunny spring day. “GRAVITY” is reminiscent of the track “Ex Girl” from The Clan Pt. 1 Lost, with its soft rhythm that highlights the vocal talent of the group.

The following track, “Ready or Not,” jumps right back into the hard-hitting beat the group is known for. The trend continues with “아름다워 (Beautiful),” a new favorite among Monbebes. There are plenty of tone shifts in the album, and following track “넘사벽 (Incomparable)” combines the calmer elements of “GRAVITY” with the intensity of “아름다워 (Beautiful)” for a very captivating sound that’s so perfectly Monsta X.

“니가 필요해 (Need U)” continues the sound of “넘사벽 (Incomparable)” but with a lighter tone that easily gets stuck in your head. It’s the perfect song for blasting through the speakers while sunbathing next to the pool or at the beach. The tone then shifts with the following song “Oi,” which is guaranteed to get you up and moving with how hard it goes almost immediately. The highlight of this track is definitely the rapping prowess of Jooheon and I.M, whose verses flow perfectly with the beat.

Lighter tones return with the next track, “Miss You.” Intensity is still felt in the rap verses, but the sweet voices of members Kihyun, Minhyuk, Hyungwon, Wonho, and Shownu are the highlight of this upbeat piece. We’re back to hard hitting electronica once “Calm Down” shuffles into the mix, once again highlighting the contrast of Monsta X’s sound. “너만 생각해 (All I Do)” follows this intense beat, more reminiscent of “Miss You” with a brighter pop beat. Second to last track “5:14 (Last Page)” continues with this pattern, presenting a more upbeat side to the group’s music.

The final track “넌 어때 (I`ll Be There)” is slower than the rest of the album but still bright and upbeat and particularly sweet. It’s a nice wrap up to an album that has so many different sounds within it. Overall, the album is a delightful mix of light summer pop anthems to hard hitting hip-hop tracks and a solid repackage for the group to release.