EXO’s Hidden Gems: Part 1

EXO’s Hidden Gems: Part 1

If you haven’t heard any of EXO’s songs yet, you must be living under a rock; the hugely popular boy group has been topping the charts since their 2013 hit “Growl.” While their title tracks are brilliant on their own, they have quite a few hidden gems amongst their albums that deserve more attention.

Artificial Love

There’s no question that EXO’s latest album EX’ACT was a hit both in Korea and internationally, showcasing plenty of quality tracks. “Artificial Love,” however, stands out for its unique EDM sound that isn’t normally heard within EXO’s discography. The song is super catchy and doesn’t sound much like any K-Pop song you would expect, making it more noticeable within the album.

Not to mention that you’re guaranteed to be a changed person after watching a video of your chosen EXO bias dancing the choreography that goes along with this track. Trust me.


Off of the repackaged album Love Me Right comes a song very near and dear to every EXO-L’s heart. “Promise” was written by the only remaining Chinese member, Lay, which he began composing shortly after the departure of ex-members Kris and Luhan. Members Chen and Chanyeol also contributed to the lyrics of the song.

What makes “Promise” such a special song is that it contains the genuine feelings the members have toward their fans, and it’s full of such raw emotion that it’s hard not to feel the same upon hearing the sorrowful melody. The meaningful impact of this song makes it special enough that it should definitely not be overlooked.


This song is easily my personal favorite off the EXODUS album and has been played at least five hundred times since coming out. Aside from having an incredibly catchy melody that has a more complex beat attached to it, the lyrics are incredibly daunting and deep in a way that is not always seen within K-Pop songs. The melody perfectly highlights the vocal prowess of main vocalists D.O., Suho, and Baekhyun. The haunting lyrics paired with the equally haunting melody make it an unspeakably beautiful track.


With plenty of notable tracks from EXODUS, “Transformer” still managed to stand out amongst other great songs on the album for its catchy beat and hook lyrics that complement the backing track. It’ll be difficult to get this track out of your head once it enters, and you’ll find yourself jamming out every time it plays on your shuffle.


Yes, the song "Playboy" is exactly what you’re thinking. There’s no beating around the bush when it comes to this track, what with the smooth R&B beat accompanied by some rather alluring lyrics that will have you moving to the beat before you even realize it. The song was written and composed by Jonghyun, fellow labelmate and member of SHINee. The song gained notoriety from this information, but kept that attention by dragging in every person hook, line, and sinker with its provocative tone. Much like “Artificial Love,” you’re guaranteed to be ruined by the choreography accompanying the smooth track. “Playboy” is life-changing in all of the right ways.

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