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June Favorites


(Source: YG Entertainment)

Favorite Song

G-DRAGON - “Untitled, 2014”

While there were so many great songs this month, like Suran’s “1+1=0” featuring DEAN and BLACKPINK’s “As If It’s Your Last,” I have to give it to G-DRAGON — perhaps because I’m extremely biased in this case. “Untitled, 2014” never fails to make me feel sad and solemn when it plays, so much so that I can’t listen to it too often. If a song can elicit that much emotion in me, then it’s a winner.

(Source: CJ E&M)

Favorite Album

HEIZE - ///

I would give this one to G-DRAGON as well, but he already got best song, so let’s be fair. HEIZE’s /// is absolutely gorgeous from beginning to end. Both title tracks are outstanding in their own ways, and even the piano interlude “Rainin’ With U” is a wonderful addition to the album. If you’re a fan of Korean music in general, just please listen to this amazing album.

Honorable mention goes to DAY6 for SUNRISE. Their full-length album is jam-packed with high-quality hits from the past year and great new tracks as well.

Favorite Music Video

MAMAMOO - “Yes I Am” & “Aze Gag”

My queens, MAMAMOO, welcomed summer on June 22 in the best way possible. The music videos for both tracks are such a delight that I could not choose just one. Witty, creative, bright, and fun—what more could you want?

Favorite Music Show Performance

MAMAMOO - “Yes I Am” on Show Champion

I’m sorry, truly I am, but I’m basically a slave under the power of MAMAMOO. One look at Hwasa’s tanned legs and gorgeous black hair and I’m a goner. Just watch and you’ll see why. They haven’t taken home four music show wins (for “Yes I Am” as of writing this) for nothing.


Favorite Drama

KBS2 - The Best Hit

This is very unlike me, but I have not been as strict with my drama watching this month as usual. The only drama I have gotten deep into is The Best Hit, a comedy from KBS2. It’s one of the shortened, 30-minute shows, which lately has been ideal for me with my busy schedule. Maybe it’s because I’ve watched TOO many sad or heavy dramas this year, but for some reason, this quirky comedy has gobbled me up. It is no Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, which I still miss immensely, but it’s been the little slice of comic relief that I’ve needed. Plus, there are SO many good cameos!

I just started Fight My Way, so I haven’t gotten enough of an impression to make it a favorite yet, but I’m sure it’s another good one! Circle has also been amazing so far, even though I’m only three episodes in.


Favorite Skincare

(Source: Sulwhasoo)

Sulwhasoo - Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream EX Light

I’m a beast when it comes to skincare, don’t even get me started. The amount of cleansers and serums that are in my bathroom right now is a bit alarming. But being someone who has had a long history of bad skin, taking care of it in its repairing stage has become VERY important to me. I had the pleasure of reviewing Sulwhasoo’s ginseng cream for our June issue of The Kraze. You can read a full review there, but in short, this is a heavy-duty cream full of amazing nutrients that your skin will be glad to soak up.

Also, as a little shout out, The Ordinary (by DECIEM) is the best non-Korean skincare brand I have ever tried and has been amazing for my acne scars and pigmentation this month. While not a Korean company, they do have stores there, so that counts, right?

Favorite Makeup

(Source: MISSHA)

MISSHA -  The Original Tension Pact

This product was talked about in-depth in our April issue. While available in Korea for a long time now, the MISSHA Original Tension Pact only recently came to America. I picked up the Perfect Cover version (there are four types) and have grown to love it. It is a mesh-netting cushion, but don’t fear, it’s actually good. The color 21 suited me perfectly, and the coverage was great. Props to MISSHA for figuring out how to do a mesh-netting cushion well!