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Group Highlight: UP10TION

Sophomore group UP10TION recently came back with a brand new sound and concept that takes inspiration from the Latino music scene. While the comeback is dark and fierce, the group’s recent appearance on Weekly Idol taught us that they’re really just a group of totally endearing nerds with a talent for dancing and being ridiculously extra. Sound appealing to you? Then look no further!

Kings of Dance

There’s quite a few things to highlight in this stellar clip. For one, Xiao absolutely steals the spotlight for the majority of the video. His greatest moment occurs during Apink’s “Mr. Chu,” with support from Gyujin who bounces around behind him, clearly not knowing any of the choreography. Leader Jihoo is in the middle in every take, clearly staking his position in the group as King of Dance Covers. My personal favorite moment, though, had to be Kuhn throwing himself in front of everyone else to do G-DRAGON’s signature “Bang, Bang, Bang” in the chorus of BIGBANG’s mega-hit before rushing to the back because he clearly was not confident in performing the rest of the song. UP10TION even did a great rendition of Girls’ Generation’s “Lion Heart” along with Sunny. Wooshin’s ad-libs in that cover were the best for sure.

And don’t even get me started on that cover of EXO’s “Growl.” EXO sunbaenims are shaking.

Who is the Most Extra?

The member who wins the title of Most Extra is easily Kuhn. His imitation of actor Kim Woobin nearly K.O.ed Sunny (and myself) immediately. He manages to perform his impressions with a completely straight face, which makes it almost impossible to watch without dying from laughter. If you like members full of comedic talent, Kuhn is your new bias.

Charming Noona

From cringe-worthy aegyo to overly-dramatic bad boy vibes, there’s nothing quite as hilarious as the 10 boys of UP10TION attempting to woo Sunny. Bit-to’s 상남자 (or simply manly) concept had me on the floor with laughter, along with Kuhn’s completely unnecessary stunt. It’s no wonder Wei won over his noona with his clumsy aegyo and natural cuteness following his embarrassment.

While it’s often difficult to get a glimpse at the true personalities of members of a new group, UP10TION is a breath of fresh air with their unapologetic dramatics that only make them more endearing. Add this on top of an already talented group that has mastered quite a few different sounds, and you’ll find it hard not to fall in love with them.